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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Validation - Short film

For some reason I have not seen this until today, in my children's literature class of all places. Beside that, I'd like to share how the topics and themes of this short film are important. One theme that stood out to me was the act of pleasing another for self gratification. Of course to some, a small bit of everything we do is for ourselves even if we aren't fully aware of it. Aside from the on-going argument of true altruism....let's focus on more simplistic ideas. In this short film I saw a lesson of smiling, loving, self-gratification, appreciation, validation, and the like. Before I ruin it further, go ahead and watch it...

 I saw how when he tried to get what he wanted, he didn't succeed. I saw when he wasn't trying anymore and instead was out there just being kind to others, putting aside his 'mission'...his mission was accomplished anyway. It's funny. Ideas in this could range anywhere from:
"what comes around goes around"
"a little kindness goes a long way"
"the happiness of those around us affects our own happiness"
"trying to please others for self-gratification won't give us the results we seek, in fact, it might not be pleasing at all" 

Tell me what you got out of it. Different life experiences, perspectives, values, etc... can add great depth to what we 'get' out of stories like these. 
Aside from how we interpret it, go out and pass on the smiles =)

Until Next Time!