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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Work it!!

I've always been a fitness fan, but I've been bustin' some serious butt lately!! I'm sore often and I'm loving it!!  I feel great everywhere! I went to my first yoga class, as I told you..then I tried Zumba the day after, then I tried a different yoga class today. I also do my own strength training after these classes. To top off all that, I bodyrock!
I have a close friend to thank for pushing me these past two weeks and for helping me step outside my box. It's stepping outside my comfort zone that made all this happen. I just wish I would've stepped outside a bit sooner. Oh well, I guess sometimes you need someone to push you and that's exactly what she did and I am definitely grateful for that!!
I made a goal this week to do something everyday with the exception of Sunday to be my day off. So, whether it's an hour of yoga, twelve minutes of bodyrock, a class at the gym, running, or just doing some serious workout at the gym...I want to do it everyday. Now, this would've been crazy to me a few weeks ago. BUT for some reason I've felt so energized and had an actual desire to workout even after I've already worked out. For example, today I went to a yoga class at Gold's then a little arm workout and now here I am in the mood to bodyrock....I feel crazy.
They added a new guest host on bodyrock today and she's a mother of three, including a 10-month it just goes to show you there are NO EXCUSES!! You either do it or you don't.
I have a board on pinterest that I pin fitness inspiration to:
here's a few of my favorites (including the one above):

Source: via Glady on Pinterest

Source: via Glady on Pinterest

Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Yoga Class

YOGA! I've been practicing yoga for a couple years now and love it, but I rarely go through an intense routine. I have one on video from Tara Stiles, but I've only done it a few times. SO this yoga class pretty much kicked my butt. It was a power yoga class and within the first 20 minutes my quads wanted to scream (kind of like the Tara Stiles video). It's at this point that I wish I kept up with that video I had so this wouldn't have killed me so bad. I was shaking and having balancing issues, but the most annoying thing was my sweaty hands and feet. When we were at downward dog, I was having serious issues keeping in one place because I was sliding. I probably looked retarded.
In regards to the actual class, I thought the instructor was okay and I like how the lights are off. I thought there would be more people there because all the times I see them do yoga on other days at the same time there are lots of people. Today apparently has something different about it that makes people not come. There were seriously like 5 or 6 people in that room aside from the instructor.
The instructor also apparently "could tell" my friend was a dancer. We thought that was kind of silly.
Overall, I liked going to an actual class. I think I still prefer yoga at home, but it was nice to change things up a bit. I think I will continue going to classes here and there, but maybe I'll mix up the times/days/instructors until I find a yoga class that I really enjoy.
In regards to juicing, I had a giant green juice today! It was a great way to get me ready for my yoga class. It was full of a crap-load of apples (two different kinds) and a few leaves of kale. That's it. It was really yum. 

Juicing App

I've been using this app for a week or two now and thought I'd let you know what I thought. First, the app is called Juice Rx. It's free, but it has an expansion that is $0.99. I played with the free version a while then went ahead and bought the expansion. Without the expansion, my favorite feature is limited. But first! What is this app about? It's basically a recipe collection that you can filter through a few ways. There's a "health conditions" filter that will let you search for recipes based on what health condition they will help with. There's an "ingredients" filter that lets you type in an ingredient that you have so that you can find only recipes with that ingredient (my favorite feature). Then while searching through you can add recipes to your favorites so that you can find them in one place. Finally, you have a grocery list area that will generate a list for you based on a recipe you have flagged to go shopping for.
The free version (as far as I can remember) only lets you search by one ingredient, whereas the expansion lets you search up to three ingredients so that you can be a bit more specific about the recipes you want to find based on what you actually have. Also, you get more recipes with the expansion. I have noticed that some are repeats with different names. I thought that was weird.
Now, how do I use this app? I rarely actually use the recipes exactly. I'm more of a "make-stuff-up-as-I-go" type of juicer, but I use this app frequently for...inspiration of what to make or what to add to some ingredients I've already decided to put together. It basically is an idea generator for me. I've only followed the recipes in it twice. All the other times, I've just used it to give me ideas of what to put with what. Was it worth it? I think so. If you try it out, let me know what you think!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 3

Alright here's the deal. I've talked to a lot of people and figured what I was going to do. I'm just doing a 3 day detox and then I'm going to continue juicing, but not in a fasting way. I'll still be juicing daily as part of my diet.
I have learned a TON in only three days!! I've learned about myself and about produce! haha I've handled stuff I've never touched before and I love it. This juicing experience has definitely opened doors for me and I'm excited. I'm in the kitchen more and it inspires me to cook. I'm full of extra energy throughout the day and that inspires me to check things off my to-do list! I'm just enjoying juicing altogether and think it was exactly what my body was missing.
Today's juices to finish off my detox were repeats of favorites from the last few days. So check those recipes in older posts. I did however prepare some juices for tomorrow because I had a pineapple to use. Here's what I made:

1/2 Pineapple
1 Orange
1 Mango
2 Carrots
1 Lime

handful of Grapes
1/4 Pineapple
2 Apples
1 Lime

1/4 Pineapple
1 Cucumber
1 Apple

I've got to tell you, I'm way excited to have these tomorrow!! Mainly because the pineapple and mango smelled SO AMAZING..especially the mango. MMM!! It looked delicious!
I'm a little upset that I'm not going for 10 days of fasting, but it's been decided that 10 days is not best for my body type. BUT the 3 day detox definitely made a difference and I'm happy for it. It was a great way to jump me into juicing and get me used to it so I can juice everyday without it feeling like a chore. I really do enjoy juicing now. It's fun to go in the kitchen and conjure up a juice. Before the juice fast, I thought it would take a long time before I felt confident enough to just make a juice without a recipe. Who knew I'd be doing it the first day. I just went with the flow of what I wanted and what I thought would go good together. Then after a day, I got to understanding what really did go well together. 
Anyway, my mom is continuing her juice fast and I'm proud of her. This was an interesting experience and I'm glad we did it. 
I plan on posting when I try new juices. 
Happy Juicing!!
Glady Anne

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 2

Here we are at 230pm into day 2 of this fast. Here's what's going on...
Starting with last night..try the worst night ever. It was like I had the flu or something. My mom thinks maybe too much vitamin A, but whatever it was it was horrible. I woke up every hour or less and peed, felt like vomiting, had the chills, felt extremely hot, had a headache...yea it just sucked. They say some of that was to be expected. I just couldn't stand it at about 4am and nibbled on a couple saltine crackers. So up every hour even at 7am feeling horrible still, but then 830am rolls around and Daniel comes to wake me up and you know what?? I felt fine. What the hell? Yea, who knows.
So, I get up and make a fruity juice to start the day off with..
1 mango
1 kiwi
2 gala apples

This made about 10oz and was plenty for me after the night I had..So how did the rest of my day go you wonder..well I was irritable from when I woke up, Daniel thought this funny and laughed at me. Aside from that I felt pretty okay, just not in any mood to "eat" anything..therefore I didn't so here I am at 230ish with only that 10oz drink in me from about 9am. Honestly, I slept most of the day because I didn't really get any sleep last night. My nap was from about 1130 until about 2pm and I still don't feel like putting anything in my stomach..just water. Maybe I'll start to get hungry a little later. I'm just surprised that after the night I had that I feel so fine now. Weird. 
I'll keep you updated. 
Glady Anne