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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School....Dixie Style we are again....back to school. This time it's in unfamiliar territory. I'm a Dixie student now. I'm going to give it a good shot. I'm going to be all active and umm stuff. I've got to say the whole "local" school thing is pretty nice =>
First, I love my sociology instructor....he's pretty awesome. He reminds me of Vogel in some ways. Then there's my Psychology instructor who is quite the story teller....he's pretty funny as well =>
My other classes are online and so far so good, but I haven't done too much in those....well have a happy semester!!

Michelle and I got Dixie shirts:
#238 Dixie Shirt

Got my lovely parking permit:
#236 Dixie Student

Went to the bookstore:


Here is a very crappy shot of the building my classes are in, guess I didn't think to stop walking hehe:

P.S. I thought I would have those photos done, but well got busy....I'm 1/3 through....they will be up eventually.....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something Special....

Today was super laid back.....LOVED that!! =>
Later in the day I randomly went out to Office Max because their sale ended today and then I made a quick stop at Robert's....didn't buy much, but I wanted to....
Today's photo of the day is brought to you by my random need to do something fun....I picked up the planner I am going to use for school, but didn't really like the plain color. SO I went over to Robert's and decided to find something to put on it....I actually only bought the flowers you see because I already had everything else. While I was there I decided I'd pick some blank cards up and a new pack of scrapbook paper....found an awesome pack of polka-dot paper and then headed home....
At home I put together the little Thank you card and decorated my planner....nothing extreme, just basic....but special for me =>

#233 Something Special



P.S. I'm almost ready to publish the blog post for my Tahoe's a lot though....might be in on Monday....*crossing fingers*

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a Day

Today was great, Daniel got home from work and I didn't want to stay indoors today. Go out and we find the weather is amazing!! Best weather all Summer!! It was like only 80 degrees out early in the morning when it's usually already in the 90's....
We get into the lovely little Nissan, one of the extra cars Daniel got working about a month ago that has been running just perfect since. At first we just drove around in the lovely car until Costco opened. We ended up at wally world in Hurricane, UT. It started to rain when we got there, so we bought the little Nissan new windshield wipers because these ones sucked. We headed our way to Costco then and the drive there was just as nice =>
We bought a few things we needed from Costco and we started our way back home because we were super hungry!!
On the way home, on skyline drive, the car gave a real sweet smell and then just stopped working. We cruised in neutral until we finally pulled off. By that time the car decided it wanted to poof out lots of white smoke. So, we figured it was a head gasket. Just great, but it was still a beautiful day.
Then it was just waiting for his brother to come get us....
#219 What a Day

It wasn't long until we had our groceries at home and his brother had left. We were so hungry, but we had to get into my little Saturn and hurry to the bank to get money out because Daniel's cards are cancelled thanks to the Pole Position wallet adventure.....we get back, eat and head on our way to his parent's house.
There we call to find a dolly, anywhere and there was only one place that had one that was open. We gather minions to help with the push and we headed out.
THEN of course the guy there had to take a whole flippin' HOUR to get us in the system. It only took two guys and three computers, umm yea. In the end of that, they wouldn't even give us the dolly because they didn't want us putting a rear-wheel drive car on it. Though, we thought we could put it on backwards. Nope, they give us the full on auto carrier and well that only makes putting the car on that much harder!! Yay, what a beautiful day.
We all finally get to the car, which is parked on awesome gravel! and on a hill(not in our favor)....let's just say we only tried a few times before two guys left to get come alongs to help us out. Three of us waited as they did so and the sun decided to come out....awesome day =>
 They get back, I get in the car, they push it as far as they could, hook up the come along and then cranked it up about 1/4 of the way..then a little push and pull to get it over a bump on the ramp....then they added a second come along and pulled it up most of the way. At about half way, the guys pushed it up the rest of the way in two stops. Finally that was done with and we were on our way.
Get to the house of cars, er I mean his parent's house and we have to now push the 3000GT out and into the garage and then push the Nissan 300zx onto the driveway....guess what?? it decides to poor raining down, hard!! hehe Super FUN!! Actually, it was. The concrete was much better than gravel and I preferred the rain to the sun =>
Just AWESOME, right??
Get home super quick and it's definitely bed time for the two of us, but especially Daniel.....who had to work that night.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pole Position Raceway - Las Vegas, NV

On August 2nd 2010 Dave-O, Jayk, Daniel and I went down to Vegas to race go karts at Pole Position, which is indoor karting. We had coupons for a free race. These karts go faster than any others I've been in. They are capable of 45mph, when you're close to the ground it seems pretty fast. It is super easy to spin out, lose control and even go through the barriers.
We did our free race and the three boys had so much fun they went and bought an all day pass!! Which was about $125 per person. I was the holder of things, photo and video person. I will tell you that next time I'm definitely taking the D60!!
These boys did about 15 races through the night and they all have bruises to show it!! The seat belt, steering column and the seat itself gave them all bruises. They had fun, so they didn't care much. =>
The event was pretty awesome except for one thing....Daniel's wallet disappeared late in the game. Everyone looked everywhere for it. The good news is we have it now, it was complicated and took a day or two, but it's over =>
Thanks to Dave-O, we had a fast retrieval of the wallet. During that retrieval, he may have raced once or twice....hehe =>
Well, here's some video.....and there's a few photos on flickr....

Daniel, Jayk and Dave-O