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Friday, July 26, 2013

First Ikea Adventure

If you've ever been awesome enough to visit an Ikea store, then you know how amazing it is. Let me first mention how I have my reservations of quality with their products, but I was still so excited about the whole adventure. 
Let me also tell you that we spent an entire 3 hours there....but keep in mind that includes eating at their cafe ;)
First off, there's a map. They give you a flippin' map, that's how big they are. You can't really "get lost" though, because it's like a one-way street almost.

Here's the map for the Draper, Utah store:

You start off with a map, pencil, paper yard stick, and you are advised to make your shopping list on the designated lines on the back of the map. There are other shopping tips found on their website here.

You start in the showroom and its amazing. You feel like you can literally live there. There are so many ideas that a person can go wild. It's probably wise to head into the store with a plan. If you're aiming for efficiency, that is....but I was just there to have fun!

Here I'm Miss Ikea by using the paper yard sticks ;)
Loved this magnetic board, got one in white!

My white magnetic board from Ikea 
Now this next thing, the thing over the bed, is awesome. It rolls, so you can pull it towards you to read or something then you can push it to the end of the bed when you're sleeping. Super fun. 

Love the idea of actually seeing your spices and getting them off the counter at the same time

This cutting board edge is ideal for
wiping things into the trash can

Here are just some fun things

Love the "stick-on" Grandfather clock

Yes, Please!! I love vanities

Grub Time!!
So if you spend more than $150, your meal is awesome

He was too cute, so I picked him up as well

If you want to know the names/prices of some of the shown items, JUST ASK ;)

I SO wish they would open an Ikea down in Las Vegas so that it's a little closer than it is now... #wishfulthinking

Until Next Time!