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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Instagram Wall!

SO..You've seen them on Pinterest:

The instagram wall is popular and it's obvious why....
It's awesome.
I was in love with the idea for a long time, but wasn't sure where to start. Should I put on my wall? If so, where the hell would I put it!? Then, how would I put it up without ruining my wall? Where should I buy my prints from?! yea, I just gave up on the idea for a while. Then I decided after seeing a pinner use blue painters tape, that I was just going to do it. 
I used the website:
BUT you have a ton of options, here are a few:
and the list goes on....
At you get 12 photos for $6 and if you order like 3 orders you get free shipping (at least when I did it). I ordered 48 total photos (4 orders) for $24 and was happy. The prints were great and I couldn't have asked for more. OH and they were 4 x 4. 
The wall I did so far is just the beginning!! I just had to get started without ordering all 400-something photos. I figure every once in a while I'll order a couple sets of photos and add on to my wall. I'm so giddy that I actually did it! haha 
NOW, I did a lame video on the process, so if you are bored or something hahaha here it is:

The DIY Dreamer

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