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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just For Fun

This is just funny and awesome, poor sheep hehe => 

Found it while browsing digg and came across the 18 greatest mona lisa painting remakes

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cancer Risks

Yes, this is another school assignment related topic. I just thought it was great for everyone to get into. What you can do is select a cancer and you can answer a few questions to determine your risk for that cancer. It lays out what factors in your life increases it and decreases it. Pretty useful information. Here's the link:

Oh and not just for cancer....also for diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and stroke. A must share. Knowledge is power.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Apparently the top 10 Junk Food Substitutes

Browsing through Digg, which is AWESOME.....I stumbled upon this list of top 10 junk food substitutes. Nice to know. I was just going to send the little insightful link to Mom, but I was happy to find something sitting in my kitchen, that I was about to eat, isn't all that bad in comparison to cheesecake, maybe....SO on that note, I thought I'd share =>
By the way, Mom has her own blog that is a little about finding herself again and a lot about getting into a more fit and wellness lifestyle. Fancy words for saying she wants to lose some weight like the rest of the world. She is fun about it and pretty dedicated. It can be hard working 3 shifts ranging from 12-14hrs that is located one hourish away....and still going down the education path. Mom likes to apply some of her psych theories she has learned while achieving her psych degree and many other lessons learned along the way. The best way to achieve what you want is to apply what you know, right?? Otherwise, what's the point....??

Motto Song

Every year I find that one song can pretty much sum up a year. Sometimes it's not a song you want to have representing the year, but it just does. A few years back, I believe 2007, Mom and my theme song for the year was "Bad Day" from Daniel Powter. Well, things have been a fun ride since then. => I'd like to say for all of us, but you can only truly speak for yourself....
SO, I think I've found the song that has been representing the first several months and I believe will continue to speak for me the rest of the year:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

True Meaning.... I said some things about the Ipad last week....thought I would put a positive spin on all of it and tell all of you that I have found its true purpose in life. I am happy to present you with this video for a great explanation....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Ipad

The Apple Ipad.
Okay, first off let me say that I personally am not an Apple fan. Yes, I like my Ipod. I call it the Ipood. Simply because it has 160G of memory and works quite nicely in the car, where it stays....forever.
Now, there's this giant Iphone, or I mean Ipad. I am a keyboard lover and don't see much purpose in tablets unless they are notebooks that turn into tablets. Ehh....SO Daniel and I were at Best Buy to look at a few things and pick up a mouse because the wire in one of ours finally killed over. While there we glanced over at the Ipads....guy comes up(50th guy) and instead of asking how we are doing, makes a statement saying, "You admiring the new Ipad?" umm no, I'm not. So, I tell him that. He says, "Why not? They're great!" So, Daniel says I like a keyboard. Then I say I'd like to play flash and multitask.....he looks down at the Ipad and says it does multitasking and attempts to show me, avoiding the whole flash thing. He opens up the browser and show that I can have multiple windows. I laugh a little and tell him, that's not quite multitasking. He asks why not and I say try multiple apps. So, he opens an app and tries to minimize it and then had this great confused/surprised look on his face as it just disappeared. Then he says, "Well, I don't know why it just closed on me," I tell him, "because it doesn't do multitasking." He then replied with this sad face like I broke his heart, "Guess you won this one."
hehe....I laughed and he walked away. The remaining time we were in the store every time he looked at me it was like I was his ex-girlfriend.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Ol' Friends

Sometimes a friend is someone you look hard for and don't realize that you've had one or a few the whole time, watching you search for friends and happiness. I realized a few days ago that you can't "find" friends. I've "known" this for a long time, but it's one of those things that you may know to be true without having to experience something to prove it right. The "experience" part, I guess, is what I realized the other day. The good friends find you and stick around even if you're not there or forget to text/call or make time to hang out. It's not like I'm soul-searching or anything. I fell into happiness a long time ago and I feel that I still have a long way to fall => The thing that has been bugging me is that ever since my own life?? Moved on up?? I have missed being able to have someone just come over, go to a friend's house down the street and just say anything and everything because you can and they're there. Being able to look forward to work because you have a story to tell or you want the update on the story your friend left you with last time you seen each other.
One way or the other, in 12hrs I had two good ol' friend moments. Two different friends that were just there, or that I was there for. It's just funny to think that all this time of not speaking or seeing these two people, they are just there and I was there for them. Like the giant gaps we go through all the time every year without much contact didn't even exist in the first place. Like when speaking or hanging out each time is almost seamless from the last time. It's just an eye opener.
Neither of the two good ol' friends read this blog, but I want to thank them, for being them. =>

Friday, April 2, 2010


So, today and the past few days have been quite interesting.....well not really all that much to anyone else other than myself =>
Well, on Tuesday I got ready for work, went in and David was waiting for me to tell me that I was laid off. Not all that surprising or anything. It's a business that works off a numbers game and if you don't bring the numbers they're looking for, well then bye-bye.....It actually works out nicely for me because I didn't need to work in the first place, it was just an object to help me feel better about myself and it did it's job. Also, I have all this crazy school stuff sneaking up on me that was getting quite annoying with work in the way. PLUS, I get to sleep with Daniel again. => That's a biggie for me, I was missing out on all this time with him.
Other than the job thing, I'm cramming down to finish these photography assignments for school in between biology labs, exams and all the reading for the other classes. It's all working out.  I'm excited for a few of the assignments and there's a few that are becoming an annoyance....It will all be good for me, one way or another.
Speaking of photo related things....I have this opportunity to take some photos for an opening event that Lucky Cat Tattoo is having on May 8th. There will be music and pin-ups, and much, much more!! I'm excited and nervous that I won't be able to capture what they're looking for. It will be quite the interesting experience, though =>
I also did my photo assignment for the Male portrait....I'll post photos for that soon => Over the weekend I'll catch up on the posting of all the project 365 stuff and other little photo bits. It's been a little busy this week => was fun to see all the fun April Fool's Day jokes going on on the internet. Also, my brother came down and hung out with Daniel and I and got more than he asked for....hehe
First, we showed him some weird and quite disturbing videos.....then there was the incident with the fridge leaking water from our 3gal. water spout thing. Made for a nice little pool in the kitchen and a demanding cleaning of the fridge =>
After that we all got deep into our games and then.....BOOM!! Power goes out.....Why?? no flippin' was perfect, clouds were far in the distance and above us was bright, clear, blue skies.....whatever, right?? SO..we went and decided to go play some basketball until it came back. We had a lot of fun doing that. Quite unexpected, doubt Jaymes, let alone Daniel and I expected doing that today =>
Daniel and I are only used to playing ball with each other, so having a third person there was great and made for some interesting fun =>
Also, hope you all like the music I added!! It's at the bottom so if you wanted to scan through some of the songs, go for it..enjoy yourselves.... =>