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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rant Time

If you're not in the mood to hear me bitch then it would be a good time to tune out. 
This happens to be a time in the year when I hear a lot of complaining. Complaining is fine, I do it all the time, but it's on a teeter-totter/seesaw/balance thing that has complaining on one side and action on the other. 
When a person is complaining, I'm all ears because I understand you need to vent/rant/bitch, I get that (just take a look at this post), but complaining needs to be balanced with action. When a person is exerting effort to do their job, succeed in school, work out, etc... the complaining they do is more appreciated because they aren't just whining, but they have actions to back them up. The phrase "actions speak louder than words" really shines here. Think about it: the person who complains about their weight or their school work (me) without having a solid history of taking action on these complaints just sounds like a sad whiny song on repeat. BUT the person who bitches about their weight and is also going to the gym regularly and/or being active outdoors sounds more justified and you can feel more sympathetic towards their complaints. 
Now, I'm far from perfect. I complain all the time, but usually I have actions to go along with them. There are times I don't and I'm just whining to my mom on the phone; that's about the time when Mom tells me to get the fuck of the phone and go do something about it!! That's a true friend =>
Quit with the promises, waiting until......(not now) and plain ol' bitching and go get shit done.
I leave you with my favorite phrase from Nike: JUST DO IT

Rant Over!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New Promises

Let's try keeping them =>

First, as some of you know I've started a vlog and I'd like to keep up with it. I think it's fun and I am pretty sure my family is enjoying it. For those who aren't aware, my family doesn't live close anymore so this is a fun way for them to "see" me more often. OH and I made a vlog on this post! It's at the bottom, check it out!!

Second, I'm a runner and I plan on making some nice PR's this year. I'm doing the Bay-to-Breakers again this year and I'm not holding back! I'm excited to see how I can tear up San Francisco! =>
Bay to Breakers 2011

Third, I want to really get into the Wheel of Time series. I will not be finishing this series by any means this year, so that is not a realistic resolution to make....but I want to start reading it and hopefully finish a book or two between semesters =>

Source: via Glady on Pinterest

Fourth, I am right in the middle of the Jessica Darling series and I want to finish that in the first quarter of the year. Should be simple enough, it's a super easy read and I'm already tied right in the middle of it!!

Source: via Glady on Pinterest

Fifth, my nails. I've made this one before....and I've succeeded before! Sounds weird right? Well after my "1 year anniversary" of not biting my nails, I began biting them again. Pretty lame. I  vow to make it past the one year anniversary this time!!

Sixth, the organization of my craft closet!! It is a total disaster and I plan to make it a fun & organized crafting corner.
(I skipped this in my video, didn't mean to!)
Source: via Glady on Pinterest

Seventh, a photo project. Some of you may be aware of my project 365 I did in 2010. Some of you may also know that I had a hard time keeping up with the posting of that project haha. WELL I was talking with Daniel and he came up with project 52 (for the weeks in a year). I'm LOVIN' it! I explain it on my photo blog, check it out!!

Eighth, I want to dedicate more time to yoga. I LOVE yoga, we have our ups and downs (HAHA). Sad, thing is, we don't see each other as often as we used to =<
I am going to make a promise to do yoga as often as I can (the goal is once a day) even if it's just a simple pose or meditation. I'm SOO excited, I miss my yoga =>

For those who aren't aware, that^^ is Tara Stiles, she is AMAZING!! =>

There you have it!! Six more promises to keep. It's Pinky-Promise time!!

Link up your resolutions over at J&M's Eye Candy!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

I Am Me. Who Are You?

I did this little "tag" thing on Youtube on my vlog channel 
It was SO fun, though it is short, it took a LOT of effort because it is stop-motion and I've never done that before. Ehh..I explain it a bit, just watch! If you do it you're own way, I would LOVE to see it!

Don't be scared to subscribe, my channel is lonely haha =>