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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get Fit Link up: Motivation

Dont Quote The Raven

I'm new to this link up, but I'm way excited about it. I am all about fitness. So this should be fun. Here are some quick things about me:
My Goals: Tone up! & maintain an active lifestyle.
Why I need this: here's the story, my guy & I would workout 3 days a week, every week. It was great. BUT see school this semester is scheduled so that I can't go when we used to. Basically, I'm on my own. This is a test and I need to find a way to motivate myself and kick my own ass out the door!!

So, for this first post I thought I'd share motivational things, they're everywhere and I love them...I want to cover my walls with these things...

Well, of course, there's pinterest. How on earth would we ever be motivated to get off pinterest if we didn't have pinterest to motivate us!?! hahaha 
SO here's my fitness board:

Next up has to be my Runner's World magazines. 
 I LOVE when these show up in my box. They have great info in them! Also, their website is super useful.

Now, I love bodyrock, too! They are quick (usually 12min/day) and really hit you hard. You see fast results and when others post pics and stories about their progress, it really keeps you wanting to kick yourself in the butt. One of the bodyrockers is a mom and still keeps an amazing shape. NO EXCUSES!!

facebook (where the inspiration is):
Also, some of the bodyrock team have their own facebooks, be sure to check them out.

Last bit of motivation I want to mention is definitely what literally forces me to get up and go....
Seriously, do it.
When you register for a race, like pay money for a date in the future where you have to perform physically, it pretty much motivates you to do something. Especially since you paid for it. It's like college. When you're paying, you pay a little more attention and actually care to get the grade vs. middle school where you aren't paying for it. You don't have to run a 10min/mile or run at all for that matter, sign up for a friendly 5k then take Nike's word for it and  just do it.

Until next time!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Social Link UP!

HELLO!!! So found this link up while mindlessly looking at stuff on the internet, like always...I thought it was neat, so I'm trying it out. You should go link up as well!! 

1. What is the first website you log on to each day?
to be honest, Gmail. After that, I do my social network rounds. 

2. Give us some funny websites you visit that we need to know about
I love people of walmart! Also, I'm a big Lolcat lover... Icanhascheezburger 

3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?
Hmm...Pinterest. I like it because facebook has a bit too much....what's the word....CRAP 

4. Twitter or Instagram? Why?
Instagram! I'm in LOVE with it. I post everyday at least. I could be biased because I'm a decide

5. Favorite youtube it!
WOW...just one?!? Sorry, need to post more than one:

6. Biggest online pet peeve?
well lets see...I'm on youtube a TON and the crap people say in the comments is quite annoying when it's completely irrelevant to the video. OH and definitely those "more_viewers_here" followers crap on youtube, twitter, and instagram...get a life people. 

I found this quite fun and plan on doing it in the future! 

Until Next Time,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Applying to Grad School: How I Organize the Process

Grad School. Just saying that sounds dramatic.
SO I'm graduating with my bachelor's of Psychology in May 2013. I need to plan my next step and get accepted into a masters program! This whole process is like a class and is kind of a big deal. It really has you focused on the big picture so much that the big scary, stressful projects in my actual classes aren't really that big of a deal anymore. Does that make any sense? It's like you stop complaining and worrying about smaller things when bigger things are going on.
As you can tell, this process is a big deal and what do we do in situations like this? We organize it so we can take some control over it. In this video I show you how I'm currently organizing this whole "shebang" with Trello.

Until Next Time!!

Friday, August 24, 2012


So I have this mini Rosamond painting which I believe is called Blue Ice:

I found it during my recent reorganization project. I realized the reason I never put it anywhere was because I didn't enjoy its display. What I mean is...that plastic gold frame.....
Because she is so beautiful I needed to fix this.
SO I took it out and attached it to a matte board, like so:

I think that's much better, maybe it's just me. The boarder around her is actually a cream color:

I put it there to help ease the contrast difference between her tones and then the white boarder she had and suddenly black matte board she was on top of. SO the cream smooths it out a bit. 

Until next time!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reorganized Room!!

SO I had this room that was a total disaster (you'll hear that word a lot). This room is my room for Coca~Cola decorations/things, for all my crafty/scrapbooking needs and for storage and books and school stuff...yea it was kind of an everything room. Needless to say it turned ugly fast and I may have known where some stuff was, but usually I knew I had something and could never find it. Plus I was never in the most positive mood in regards to many crafts because just looking at that room gave me a headache.
College started back up for me on the 20th of August and I knew that if I could just de-clutter this house then I could de-clutter my brain and focus more in school because I'm honestly just tired of my procrastination and limited focus. What I decided was this room had to go first because it was the worst and probably the hardest task in the house.
I wanted to trash a ton of stuff (and I did), I wanted to move things around (did that, too), and I just wanted a change (and I got it!).
I have a video I put together of the before & after of the room. It is kind of long (about 12 minutes), but kind of had to be for this topic.
If you have any questions, comments, or if you've reorganized something lately I'd love to hear from you!

The video:

Until next time!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Little Back to School Shopping?

I think so!
I decided to do a video of some stuff I bought. Figured it was easier. I did use a 40% off total coupon at Rue 21 which helped bring an almost $100 total down to $50-something. LOVE coupons! haha then I did a ton of shopping at Target, but no clothes... (crazy, right?!?) I went to Target to get organizational items for this room I'm reorganizing..which is currently a total disaster! Can't wait until I'm posting about the finished product! HAHA =>
Sooo don't mind my....everything in this video. I'm a mess (working on that room!) and my lighting sucks.
Alright, here's the video!!
Did you do some school shopping? I'd love to read/watch all about it! Leave me a comment!

Until next time!

P.S. I was being a total dork later that day, you know when you're undertaking a huge project and you get a little crazy? Yea, that's me: 
OH and I've noticed twice now that the sync is off with these tout videos...anyway enjoy my goofiness. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I love organization. It's getting to that point that is a little difficult. I am on a mission to organize this whole dang house! I feel like it's really needed. I'm a big fan of smaller or "baby" goals within big ones. Like breaking down the big picture. It not only makes it easier, but it helps you feel more accomplished as you're working you're way through a big goal. When you have those baby goals and you pass them, it's like fuel for your goal accomplishing truck! SO as I have a very big goal of organization in mind (the entire house) I break them down room-by-room and even part-by-part. Thus, I give you my makeup organization.

Here is what I've stored my makeup in for a couple years now:
Although the bag is probably my favorite because of how gorgeous it is, this relationship just wasn't working...Also, it took up too much space on my bathroom counter..and the object of my game here is to avoid clutter. haha
So, I actually had a container that I could use. I got them months ago at walmart in the fishing section.
This was perfect because I don't have a ton of makeup. Mind you this is not a permanent solution. I do want to find a pretty something-or-other to store my makeup in, but I just needed something better than what I had going on. Plus, it would be nice to actually see all my stuff. 
Besides the bad quality of my cell phone, you can see I kind of organized it, too. 
Mascara top right, my little gel eye liner top-middle, more eye liner top-left, All lip products in the middle row assorted loosely by size, eye shadow bottom-right and middle, then some face products like blush and bronzer in the bottom-left compartment. 
I'm lovin' this compared to the alternative because I really can see what I have and it looks well... pleasant haha. There were a few items that didn't fit well into this system and a few items I rarely use; for those I put them into a smaller bag:

My organizing adventure is just beginning. I post touts along the journey and will be summing things up on here (and in more detail than 15 seconds can give). How do you organize your makeup? 
Here's the tout video:

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I just love quotes, who doesn't?! This one has been standing out to me lately. So just made a photo of it!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Favorites!

I'm on youtube watching videos a lot and many of the videos I watch are fashion/beauty related. Those youtubers do what are called favorites videos where they talk about what they were really into that month. Here I give it my first shot with a July favorites video.

1. carried away bath & body works body spray
2. Summer Color banana boat self tan lotion
3. CLEAR shampoo/conditioner
4. nail polish remover dip-it
5. bad to the bronze color tattoo from maybelline
6. cherry me baby lips from maybelline
7. Crunch candy bar girl scout flavors
8. Bejeweled 3
9. Olympics!

I'd love for you to do a blog post or video about your favorites of last month! If you do, go ahead and drop me a link to it in the comments!