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Friday, May 28, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Drive

Today was a wonderful and beautiful day....I decided that we shouldn't waste it so I told Daniel I want to go somewhere. He asked me where and, of course I said I don't know. So, we picked up my camera from the house, filled up my tank and he said Veyo or Cedar City?? Then I still didn't care and couldn't choose, so I came to a random decision of Veyo. First, let me tell you I am in LOVE with just driving somewhere, with not much care in how or's my favorite, we do it often. BUT this time was a little different. Let me get a map to show you and I'll briefly explain.

View May 24 2010 in a larger map

Basically, we went out to Veyo. We didn't stop there, we kind of just kept going to see where the road takes us. We went all the way up to Enterprise and took a left. That took us to the Dixie National Forest again. Soon after we passed that forest sign it switched to dirt road. Unsure of how long it would be that way or how rough it would get, we saved my car and finally turned around. We plan to get an Outback soon and we will definitely take that road. While heading back we went down to the Enterprise Reservoir, really pretty and we plan to go camping there one day. Then, we returned to Enterprise again, but instead of back-tracking right we kept going straight and followed the sign to Cedar City. Made it there and found us the freeway, a familiar road. Then exit 6 in St. George, Harmon's for some groceries and home. It totaled 180 miles exactly. It was pretty awesome. I only got out of the car twice. So, majority of the photos are through the car window. First time getting out of the car was for those flower shots at Enterprise Reservoir and the second was for the Coke shots Daniel took.
So you can understand what the hell I'm talking about, here is the Flickr set of the snapshots.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photography.....My Turn

I've been much more involved in my photography lately and I'm so happy for that. It has made me a bit busier than I had expected to be when school had got out. Oh well. One thing I know is I want some professional photos done of myself. I have decided it hasn't been done and just because I'm a bit of a photographer doesn't mean I can't have my photos taken by one. I can already see some of the outfits I want to wear. So, I'm going to be looking around and finding myself a photographer that has some of the same ideas I have in mind. We'll see where this takes me. First, I need to take care of some photo biz of my own....then I can go looking for a photog. I'll definitely keep you updated. =>


Originally uploaded by sparkleplenty69
This is DeShea. This photo shoot was so fun. I am excited for our next =>
Here is the set on Flickr of just her shots.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sum it all up.....

Haven't posted because I've been busy, so blah....I'll try to sum things up. School is a bitch and just ended => Those last weeks were hell. Now that this semester is over, I'm having a hard time figuring out what to think about. Deadlines were the biggest thing in my head for the whole semester, it was a semester with more tedious work than any other. Truthfully, I've checked my classes like everyday looking for what is due next, what I might have missed and I finished days ago. Then there's my transfer. I'm going to a new school, a completely different type of school and well, it's occupied a lot of time as well. I'm always thinking about turning forms in, arranging everything in order so the new school doesn't screw me over. I liked the system I was in before because it was familiar and I always knew where to look and what to do. WELL......change is good.....or so they say.
Okiedokie..well then within those busy weeks was a baby shower in Vegas. On the day something was due. Lucky for me, I had help the day or so before(thanks Michelle)....then forgot to turn something in. SO, while chilling out at the baby shower I had to plop out the laptop and do a flippin' quiz. LAME.
Then there were the last two weeks of school. Or Three. Whatever. I had less than two weeks and needed four photo shoots to do. Only one of which was completely planned prior. hehe.....I had to work some crazy magic to make the rest work. Crazy, last-minute, magic(something I'm apparently good at).....Then there was the Lucky Cat Tattoo Expansion Party. Here's some links, check them out: myspace, facebook, twitter, Lucky Cat Tattoo website.
That was fun and I wanted to be there,  BUT school had to ruin that, too.....Magic Glady once again did the whole two assignments and discussion in the car on the way there. NOT EASY, by the way, I'm easily car sick. SUCKED ASS.....well then I tried to help out and do my job there(take photos, take a look, not all are there yet) and later, realize the time and the fact that I needed to type all those assignments and discussions and turn them in. I didn't have a computer with me. SO, asked around while people were banging heads to The Black Jets and found someone willing to let me borrow theirs. At a flippin' Tattoo shop, there's a live band and what was I doing?? My LAME school work on some guy's computer. lame does that make me?? Oh well, you do what you gotta do....and it got done. Another skill, I can type kind of fast =>
Well that was a Saturday and on Sunday I was doing a shoot with the person I brought with me to the party. Sunday had to have the worst wind-EVER-and of course I had to be doing a half-naked shoot in the middle of nowhere. Geez, my luck. hehe.....BUT, the wind was kind of an asset in some shots, us girls made it work and it rocked. Take a look!! By the way, BIG thanks goes out to the lovely model, DeShea!! The person doing a LOT of footwork, brainstorming and being my reflector was my lovely MOM and she did this on Mother's Day..great present, huh?? For her awesomeness, I got 500 extra credit points!! =>
Might as well see most of the shots I did for that class.....I am missing a few, who knows, might put them in before you see. Whoever "you" are and if there even is a "you"..... Portraits for school.
Oh, I also became an advisor for Lia Sophia.....not sure how I feel about that,'s my "personal website" for them.