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Saturday, April 5, 2014

World Rat Day! Update! Plus What I'm Excited About!

Yes, I don't blog over here as often as I should. However, if you want to hear me talk about random thoughts in my head go {HERE} or if you are all about the well-being of your body & mind go {HERE} for great resources and posts on the topic. Then there are all you visual learners, you can go {HERE} to my new YouTube channel dedicated to all that is health & wellness. Then there are the super fan facebookers {HERE} is a special page for you to like!

So April 4th was a big day. It was World Rat Day {yes, that's a thing and don't make fun} and it was the release day for The Elder Scrolls Online {yes, I'm a big fan girl don't make fun}.

I came home from work in the morning {I work graves} and thought to check on my ratties. The super beggar was where she always is, hanging from the cage begging for treats as I walked in the room. Then I checked in the hammock to find Vex snuggled up against Mara. I pet them both and noticed something I didn't want to believe. I'll cut out all the sad details and ask this, what are the chances your pet rat dies on World Rat Day? Hmm? I mean seriously. We had a lovely little funeral, though.
Like I said, I'm going to save you all the sad details, so we'll move on.

We began our busy day. Errands after errands made our day long. A random stop at a cell phone place for my younger brother to see if he could get a new phone made it even longer. However, I saved him from making a huge mistake that day. He's a much happier man-child for it.

We made a stop at Best Buy to pick up my pre-order of The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition. OF COURSE there had to be an issue with the order status. We went through three employees and a phone call to their head people.

Anyway, more boring details later and Jayk got a new LG flex phone, I got my stuff and poor Mara wasn't with us anymore.
btw have you SEEN my short hair?

This was supposed to be an update on like life in general, but I seem to have gone off on the details of one particular day.

UPDATES! Well, go visit all the links I've shared up above. You'll find all of what's new up there. I'm way excited ALL THE TIME about Whole Body. So if you're in to living life and being awesome, then it's the place to be. ;) Go follow, comment and get involved. It makes me happy.

Books! I've treated myself to books! {It's my dream to have a mini library at home} I am excited, I just bought 4 books on Amazon, I can't wait. If you're into book reviews, follow me on YouTube or Whole Body Blog to see or read them. I'm not certain which method I want to use for the reviews....hmm video reviews or typed ones? What do you think?

I recently finished a 3 day juice cleanse! That was fun and I always seem to learn something new when I do it. Subscribe to my channel to see a video about it!


OH and my bookclub is voting on a new book to read from APRIL through JUNE! Join the club and vote:
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