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Friday, December 10, 2010



They updated the site so you can now see all the info about the race coming May 15th 2011, it will be their 100th year!! SO COOL.....bay-to-breakers registration info
here is the map of the race:

I can't wait, it's going to ROCK!! =>

Saturday, December 4, 2010

End of Semester is Rolling IN!!

I have been a busy bee....I am very behind on lots, but doing well to keep up with school, for the most part. The semester is coming to an end within the next two weeks and its been a crazy one!! There have been some fun times. A mini review will come after I take my last final =>
Recently I have finished up my Aviation Nation 2010 photos it took me a long time, but they are done and ready for the world(for the most part, I've seen some things I would like to fix) haha
Thanksgiving was a great time had with both families. In my family we attempted to take a family photo....


This was the on purpose silly photo and happened to be the best one haha so typical =>
We celebrated Thanksgiving on the 22nd at my parent's house and we combined it with Ian's 6th birthday.
He had a great time and got lots of toys from everyone, except Daniel and I....we got him clothes. HAHA he said, " aww I wanted toys!!" Then I told him to show me so I could take a's the result:

It was a great time with the family, here's the flickr set so you can see the other family photo attempts.

Thanksgiving on the Bibb's side was on Thanksgiving day. Another great time followed by lots of gaming and no sleeping for Daniel before heading to work that night and then a movie for me and his sisters. Later on was the beginning of black Friday shopping for me and a friend of mine.

This is us messing around at Rue 21.. we got ourselves wallets that night which was awesome =>

After the shopping we came back to my house and chilled out to a weird movie then she headed home.

I'm definitely going to miss her when she leaves....butthead.

OH!! I haven't bitten my nails since Jayk's birthday (10th of November) haha that's quite an accomplishment for me =>

Speaking of birthdays we are celebrating Michelle's tomorrow(Sunday the 5th of December)....

Then Monday the 6th of December is a little Santa run at the Dixie high school. I plan on doing that and I plan on having some of my family there, too....WEAR YOUR SANTA HATS!! haha

That's my update for now..I'm way behind on posting for project 365, but I think I'll catch up this week and give you all a big batch of awesomeness haha.

~Glady Anne