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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Adventures

....start now.
Mom and I planned on training outdoors for our B2B on Sundays. We started today. Our route went like this:
We went up some pretty good hills and down some as well. We didn't do quite the distance as the B2B, but we have other routes planned as well. This one is mainly for hill training. =>
Along the route we stopped several times for photos or odd objects that we found on the side of the road. Here are some of those photos:
First, we found this little friend:
bunny ears on our little found friend

Then snow in January haha:

This would be a condom, which I later found out is from a gay and bisexual club:

Here's a shirt:

Just a view of where we came from:
Open Road

Beer Bottle:
Beer Bottle

Mom in a rock hole:

Some other random items we found:
more random items
Hello kitty
All photos can be found in a Flickr set called Sunday Adventures

All in all it was 6.28miles walked(with some distractions and stops) in 2:10:14 with an average pace of 20min/mile Next time our walk will be a little faster and no stopping haha =>
Soon we will be adding running to the mix and I can't wait to put what I've done on the treadmill to practice outdoors.....
Until Next Time.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


My life is pretty darn good.
I feel great, always have....but now I feel even greater!!!! haha
Health and fitness have always been something I liked, I just never quite knew how to grasp it.
Now I do and I am swinging from branch to branch and loving every minute of it. 
I started yoga, honestly for the hell of it back in November of 2010 and it turned into a beautiful thing. 
This all started because I stumped across Tara Stiles (facebook, youtube, twitter) thanks to a Women's Health magazine....which I have no idea how or why it was subscribed to me. I guess things happen for a reason because if it wasn't for the random magazines coming to my door I would have never come across Tara Stiles and that would be...sad =<
I do yoga every day, even if it's just for 10-15 minutes. I feel so amazing afterwards. It is a happy feeling. A feeling of accomplishment. This feeling opens you up and lets light in and along with it happy moods and calm thoughts.  => You just have to try it to really understand.... haha
To be honest if you came up to me a year ago and told me how much I would love yoga, I would laugh at you..I was not someone who cared for yoga, I thought it was....weird. haha
Dad always taught me to at least try everything. I did not have to like it, but just try it to find out for sure if I did or not. As that was originally in the context of food, I learned to apply it to life as well.  
I tried yoga and found out that I not only like it, but love it and love to work towards the feeling it gives me.  
I like feeling good, it powers me to do the things I should be doing rather than just being lazy and putting them off. Which is great because I'm in college and procrastination is what students are best at =>

Now for something a bit different....I went to the dixie gym in the morning with Daniel and we did the treadmill for an hour each. I beat a few tiny personal records from the last time I was on for an hour. One I am really proud of was running for a full 15 minutes. I have been able to run for 5-8 minutes and then take a brisk walk break, but today I made it for a full 15 before my brisk walking period. I was so happy, Daniel shared a high-five from the treadmill next to me => Yay Me!!

Time to finish enjoying my IZZE while I read articles in bed for tomorrow's class.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19th 2011

Week one of school finished, the three-day weekend passed and now I'm half-way through week two.
Good news....I'm not dead or overly stressed. So far, so good. haha
I like the food prep class, but a little on edge of how the lecture/quiz/food demonstrations will go....I'll have to wait until Monday to find a little more info in the class.
Well I told you what we made on the first week:
Pizza and that gooey messy sugar-induced coma dish
This week, or well today we made:
those two things....I don't even know what you want to call them.
 HAHA but they were good.
The flour tortillas were pretty darn good actually. At first I had doubts but then a few roles were switched in our kitchen and they turned out great! Awesome save, Michelle!!
For those who know me well, know that I don't cook much or know how to. This class so far is dipping me in to things I wouldn't try doing at home, like hand-made pizza or tortillas....those are things I would buy. NOW I would like to say the hand-made pizza is good enough to try at home, but the flour tortillas are well....some things I prefer to buy. I WILL, however, make the salsa....that was pretty darn good!! I ate things I usually don't eat!! I don't care much for green bell peppers, onions or cilantro but I ate that salsa like crazy, maybe I was really really really hungry....but still. =>
Daniel is liking this as well....he wants me to make everything I made there, at home. haha
I knew he would like this class more than me....

Other than all that, I have a little quiz tomorrow on ch.1 and part of ch.2 in weather. Oh, and I don't have a book yet. Oh study study from the notes and if I think I need more help I'll play his lectures back to find what I'm looking for. Wish me luck on that quiz haha

In abnormal psych we each have to eventually do a big presentation on a disorder. We all sent in our votes for the disorder we would like and then he picked one out for each of us. 
I have schizoid personality disorder. 
It's a fun one, but well kind of boring. Individuals with this disorder function better alone, generally don't express emotion, marry, care for sexual intimacy or relationships, and can't pick up on social cues. I find it kind of sad, it makes life difficult and can also be misdiagnosed. 
in child/family metal health we basically do group sessions in class.....well that's how I perceive it. We arrange our desks in a big circle and discuss....everything.
For fitness class, I'm doing good so far. I go to the gym with Daniel sometimes and that is fun. Maybe we'll go tomorrow. =>
Also, I'm trying to prepare for Bay to Breakers and so is my we decided we'd go out and first just walk the distance and hills outside to get a good feel for it. Eventually we will jog/run these to get a better feel and prepare us well. We mapped out several different routes to take near my area. We'll do these on Sundays....

WELL time to study!! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NEW !!

Well it is Wednesday night rolling into Thursday. Spring semester started on Monday and I need to say, this is going to be a crazy ride. I don't know what I was thinking when I signed up for going to class five days a week after taking 65 credits of almost all online courses.....Oh well, here we go!!
First, let me tell what I'm in.
MWF I go to Child/Family Mental Health for 50min with a teacher that talks crazy fast!! I record her on my smart pen only to slow the tempo down later and hear her talking normal. =>
MW I have Basic Food Prep with a very laid back teacher, not very hands on so far. So far, pretty damn awesome though, we made pizza and a marshmallow gooey dessert today. Yumms....well that dessert was a sugar attack, we couldn't eat much of it.
TR I have Intro to Weather with a so-far pretty awesome teacher. I'm actually pretty excited for this one.
TR I also have Abnormal Psychology. Another awesome teacher and AWESOME subject, so really happy about this one as well.
Then there's the fitness class. I put in my first hour today on the treadmill and the stationary bike where I read 6 pages of my textbook(and highlighted)
SO seems I will LOVE my Tuesday and Thursdays.
I am not quite sure how or when I'm going to develop a nice routine for my fitness class, but I decided I'll just start going at all different times until I find what seems to be the most comfortable for me.
I am SO thrilled that I am up and "running" again....literally. This Bay to Breakers thing is coming up faster than I realize and I am no where near the level I need to be.....I also doubt my mom is either. I am going to start kicking ass and yacking at my mom to get us going!!
Have a fun one!!
I've sneezed like 400X since 9pm
finished my yoga for the day a few minutes ago and it laughed at my gym visit....just sayin'