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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What March Brings!

March is here and that's crazy talk. March has never stood out to me as a "busy" month. Busy months to me have always been the beginning/end of year along with end of June/beginning of May and then the end/beginning of August/September. Why? School of course. This year is bringing old and new adventures. I'm graduating Dixie State College University. What will August look like for me this year? Who knows. Enough of that, we're here to talk about MARCH!

SO let me outline what's to come in this green month:
  • the outline for my capstone is due
  • four big projects are due
  • Article Presentation
  • Macklemore concert @ Dixie!
  • Pine Valley Cabin with my weirdo Psychology club peeps
  • 30 Days of Lists!
  • Two awesome daily photo challenges 
  • testing out my influenster goodies
  • adventures unseen!
It's like the bittersweet month. So much fun and stress packed into 31 days. I can't tell if I'm supposed to be happy or worried. I decided that being worried doesn't get anything done, therefore I decided to just start getting shit stuff done. What first? Well the first day of 30 days of lists! of course!
Here is the simple post featuring day one. I am aware it's not super crafty or awesome, but since this is a daily activity I need to just do something everyday rather than worrying about it being super artsy and tricked out, I just want it to be added stress or pressure. If I have some extra time on my hands then right on. The link in the list above leads to the most recent post featuring 30 Days of Lists. 
Next, those school assignments and crap...well every one of them requires hours of reading, thinking of giving myself a set amount of time that's dedicated to reading. Maybe it'll help. I work several graveyards in the next week or so, hoping to get some of this reading done during that time. 
SPRING BREAK!! During this awesome week of a "break" that actually feels like a week long guilt trip, I have planned a concert featuring Macklemore, here's some of his stuff:

Also, the Psychology club (I'm the secretary) is headed to Pine Valley! The college has a cabin out there we can rent for a night, so we did! I'm excited. Then to keep up our monthly visit to Zion National Park, we might go during my Spring break. 
Go HERE to find the photo challenges I'm going to try to keep up with. 
Follow this blog to stay tuned to my future adventures seen and unseen!

Until Next Time!