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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February "I Choose" recap

You might want to call it Fail February. HAHA guess I shouldn't be so negative. I had a fantastic month! It was my birthday month and I had some grand adventures. So, let us see how I did:
1. Success. I chopped my hair off. Shortest I've ever been, it was a trip.
2. Success. I've only made a few juices in February, but the goal of getting the juicer back on my kitchen counter has been completed.
3. Success. Here is my post on the book. It's a nonfiction, deep, and brutally honest read. 
4. Fail. Well, technically I did edit photos each week. BUT I didn't catch up on editing my 365 photos and I was aiming at editing and posting those once a week. The goal to succeeding here is to be caught up in the first place. I learned my lesson. 
5. Success. Blogpost on that coming soon!!
6. Fail. In fact, I just bit them more throughout the month of February. I think I want to get gel nails again and hopefully they'll give my nails a break from all this ridiculous biting. 

Until Next Time!