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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Saucony Bullet

     While we were out getting the last of the Christmas gifts, Daniel spotted some fancy shoes he thought I would like to try on, so I started to look for my size. Of course, they didn't have it. Just to try them on, I picked a half-size bigger. I fell in love with them. But since we're supposed to be shopping for other people, I left the store without them, plus they didn't have my size haha. While we were out shopping, I kept thinking about the shoes, then I would periodically check (in stores that applied) if each place we shopped at had them. No such luck. At the end of our shopping we went back and I tried them on once more. The lady said they will ship the size I want for free. I couldn't stop thinking about them, so Daniel went with it.
     Silly thing is, that very night I had a dream involving the damn shoes. I was a ninja, but only when wearing these shoes, like they had special ninja powers. Ridiculous, I know.
     Several days later, here they show up at the door, two days earlier than scheduled.

     This is just from my instagram. Here is the Saucony webpage for more information, I paid only $40 for my pair. 
     Also, thought I'd share the link to the marathon of giving from Saucony. Just click and put in your first & last name along with email and you're signed up for the whole marathon of giving. 
I'll come back to let you know more review-like info as I use them. I only got them today. No ninja activity has happened yet. 

Until next time!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I can't wait for school to be over

I can't wait for school to be over so I can:

clean my house
read real books
get excited for Christmas
go back to work
bake cookies
make a mini feast for Daniel & I
get crafty
organize more blogs & vlogs
make more jewelry and advertise my shop
get back to the gym
do more yoga
play skyrim
play all my other steam games
visit family
go dancing
get drunk
see my friend (yea just one, I'm lame)
work on projects
photograph things
photograph people
edit photos
clean my car

Until next time

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Joys of College and Procrastination

This definitely has to be the worst thing to stare at. 
The semester is coming to an end. 
I have this huge research proposal to write.
I changed my topic last week.
I'm starting from scratch.
It's due Monday morning. 
Today is Saturday.
It's 3:28pm on said Saturday.
I'm doomed.

Looking forward to telling you I'm done ♥
Until then....

Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Project!

For Daniel's side of the family, we've all decided to have everyone buy gifts for the children, but as for the adults we wanted to try something different. Instead of doing gifts for everyone, we thought to draw names out and have each of us just focus on one adult. Then we could get one significant, well-thought out, quality gift for someone. We made this decision last year at Christmas. Here we are and it's November of the next year already and I was given the task to figure out who would get who. SO based off of the traditional names in a hat idea, I made a little project out of it and thought I would share.

First, here is mostly what you need, I say mostly because I might have added a few extra things by the end of the project (after the photo was taken):
The Christmas banner was made by me in photoshop and I'll make it available for download. Also, not pictured above is another file you'll be able to download. Links will be later in the post.

Of course, there are many variations of this, so just go with what you have ;)
The first thing to do is coat your container/jar with an even layer of mod podge:

Then take your choice of glitter and dump some in the ready-to-go jar and over top the scrap paper you have laid down, you'll want to roll and tilt the jar to help spread the glitter:

Now set that upside down on the scrap paper to dry:

While it dries (I let it do so overnight, though I don't think it necessarily needs that long) write the names on the sticks. I alternated the red and green markers for the names:

The next day I came to a dried and clear jar coated in glitter!

This is when I added the banner, to do this I used sticky dot things haha

and here's the banner on the jar!
Click HERE for a .png version or HERE for a .jpg version of the banner to download 

This is the time where I had to decide what to use as a filler to hide the names and keep the sticks in place.
I played with many ideas. You can use marbles, rocks, sand, fake snow (maybe too light), buttons, beads, etc...
I went to Michael's and found these necklaces for a couple dollars and on top of that they were on sale.

Thinking these were perfect I dropped them in and thought I was done...not so fast. The sticks were hard to get in and it wasn't umm fluid? smooth? whatever. It just wasn't working for me like I wanted. SO I decided to cut them up into singles. It was perfect.
though, be safe when cutting these up. It can be mesmerizing and you don't want to cut yourself!!

Then after that I thought to make a card next to it. This just lets them know the "rules" since in my case it will be sitting out for people to grab on their own time. Here's what it looks like:
Click HERE to download it as a word file. Click HERE to download it as a PDF. 
Turns out the PDF is the only one that maintained the same font. I'm keeping the .docx one up though so you can download and edit it to your own fonts if you want. 

That's the END!! Hope you enjoyed it, I'd love to see your versions of it! Let me know if you try it!

Until Next Time!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Color Me Rad 5k

Saturday the 10th of November was the Color Me Rad 5k in Saint George, Utah and I had a blast doing it with a good family-friend Kristine
We came up with the team name: Tickle Me Pink. Inspired by crayola color names =>
This lovely team name was on the shirts we made...check it out, it's easy!

First off we had to go pickup our race packets and buy cool stuff!! 

This process obviously requires jumping....for joy

Then race day was the next morning! It was so cold! We were just sitting in the car singing to the radio until we felt we really should line up with everyone else! hahaha

The first color bomb was blue...not my favorite color and I think it knows that....

I saw the lady grab a handful so I turned my head away, as I did that she tossed it right UP my nose!!! For real, no joke. I couldn't see or breathe for about a minute and for the rest of the race (and day) I had blue gross. hahaha 

As we continued on we eventually came to my favorite: PINK!!!

The finish wasn't far from there, then we joined up with the group where I was stuffing my face as the kiddos were attacking everyone with their color bombs!! Here's a few of us:

The two of us ran and got our photo taken by the pros and then took our own before heading to the car:

It was a good thing that I loved pink SO much, too....

After the excitement, I went home and showered!! hahaha 
Here's the shirt they gave us in the race packet:

It was so much fun!! We learned from experience and next time we will be rockin' even harder =D

Until next time!

Color Me Rad T-Shirts

We made awesome shirts for the Color Me Rad 5k and I thought I'd share them with you!!
First, of course you need your shirt! I love the poly/cotton workout shirts from Target, but whatever floats your boat.
Then you need supplies:
fabric paint, scissors, tape, foam/sponges, and of course your shirt!

Then you need to cut the tape into letters or designs, now this effect could also be achieved using a stencil or cutting paper. I just love the cleaner effect the tape has...though I had to cheat on my e's and use punch outs from my scrapbook collection. 
Next you want to squeeze some paint into a paper plate or something and begin dabbing your sponge-thing in it and blotting over top your taped letters! OH AND DON'T FORGET THE CARDBOARD!! I forgot to add in the supplies a cardboard of some type, you need this to sit inside your shirt so your paint doesn't bleed through the back of it!!!
Sorry I don't have any detailed pictures, I decided to share this AFTER I made the shirt =P
Anyway, after you've covered around all the letters making sure to get every edge for greater definition, then you let it dry. It honestly doesn't take very long, maybe an hourish..
You then will remove the tape and ta~da you're done!!
Notice how the punched out e's don't look nearly as awesome as the taped letters do. 
Then add your favorite pair of knee high socks and your "RAD" tattoo and you're ready to rock!!

Until Next Time!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mission Stop Biting My Nails

I've had a nasty nail biting habit for a long time. I managed to stop biting them for an entire year, but that fell through right around the one year anniversary. It sucked. I've hated this habit for a long time. I love painting my nails and I hate that they are gross and always in my mouth. I feel ashamed, but mostly I felt defeated after I "fell off the bandwagon". BUT what kind of role model would I be if I felt that way about myself and expected others not to? SO after deciding I wanted to make a better attempt at it, I researched some methods to find what was going to be different.
Because if you just do the same thing, you'll get the same result.
Then I figured out my master plan and set out for success.
I wanted to be successful for one week before I made this video. I wanted to make sure my method was working to some point. Here is the video and I hope you enjoy it. I talk about my disgusting nail biting habit,  the products I'm using, the routine and my reward system.
I picked up some pointers from my own blog post on setting goals. Need to practice what you preach, right?
Here's the blog post:
Here is the vlog:

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Walk to End Alzheimer's

I'm the secretary of the psychology club at Dixie State College. Our club has decided to come together as a team to raise money for this walk coming in November.
Some info:
Our team name: Dixie State's Freudian Slips
Our team goal: raise $500
Where we're at: $130
Can you be anonymous? Yes
Is there a minimum? As far as I know, $5.00 is the minimum.
Anything else I should know? Yes, some employers will match your donation. There's a place to search for your employer to find that information out.

Click this picture to go to my fundraising page & help out anonymously, in your name, or in the name of someone you know affected by the disease. Help reclaim our future!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Social Link up!

1. What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with it?
YFFFG is the name and it's an acronym. I will never tell what it stands for as that's between me and my man haha, but when starting out this personal blog I was searching for something personal..and well there you have it. 

2. What do you love the most about blogging?
Sharing, I love to share what I know and what I've experienced. 

3. What are your 2 favorite posts you've written?
I am me. Who are you. (more of a vlog)
Our Lake Tahoe 2010 vacation post

4. What is something you'd want to tell someone just starting out in blog world?
not really because I'm just getting used to this myself! 

5. Biggest blogging learning experience you've had?
I learned that link ups are awesome, but I'm not always available to post on those days...therefore, scheduling my posts is my best friend!

6. Give us 3 blogs we NEED to be following that you love.

Once again. SO FUN!! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goal Setting

All In My Twenties

Everyone has goals and ideally wants to keep them. So how do we go about doing that? Here are my personal tips on setting goals and keeping them. For the purpose of these tips, I'll use the goal of weight loss because most can relate to that.
So, what is the big picture? What do you ultimately want to achieve? That's the first question and usually one that we can figure out. Starting with the example of weight loss, weight loss is ultimately the goal, right? So there's our big picture. But keep in mind, we can't stop there or it's likely there won't be success. 

I found this on a website a long time ago. It makes sense to me, so thought I would pass it on. SMART is an acronym and it goes as follows:

S - Specific (or Significant).
M - Measurable (or Meaningful).

A - Attainable (or Action-Oriented).

R - Relevant (or Rewarding).
T - Time-bound (or Trackable).

As this is pointing out, we need to be realistic about our goals. I'm in college and we do a lot of research. This system of SMART goals is almost like an experiment in a research paper. So, let's say you want to "look better" that isn't specific, you need to point out what it is you want to address. Making sure its measurable basically helps with motivation and keeping track of progress. If you can't measure it, it's likely you won't continue for long because you won't be able to know if you have succeeded. Attainable would refer to if it's physically possible, how realistic the goal is. Relevant or rewarding would be pretty self explanatory. Time-bound is useful for motivation and progress. If you have a deadline, you usually work hard to keep it. 

Here is a concept I'm a HUGE fan of: Break it down!! You can't just say I'm going to lose 30lbs by December. That might be the big picture, but you need to break it down to help measure and motivate you to hold on to your goal and be successful. It's the little victories that count. For example: you want to lose 30lbs by December, but you want to break it down to 7.5lbs each month and maybe break it down further to about 2lbs each week. (btw I'm completely making this up, I wouldn't follow this example exactly I am no expert in weight loss) Breaking it down into little or baby goals/steps helps you keep on track. It also prevents you from say, slacking off in the beginning months and trying to make up for it in the ending months of your goal. Then when you break it down, it leads to my next point...

This is a big deal for some people and for others, the achievement is enough. For the rest of us that need a little push in the motivation department, rewarding yourself is a good idea. Now, that isn't to say, you keep dieting and you have lost your goal weight that week therefore you can eat an entire chocolate cake the next day (though that sounds pretty tasty). That wouldn't be effective and that's kind of the idea you need to keep in mind when thinking of your reward. Effectiveness needs to be judged in two ways: first how effective is it going to motivate you and second how effective is it towards your ultimate goal.
Keeping those factors in mind, the chocolate cake, although effective in motivation, not so effective towards your big picture. Get what I'm saying??
This part is very personal, what works for some might not work for others. So here are a couple examples: Say you'll buy yourself something each month if you meet your mini goal of 7.5lbs lost. Examples could be workout clothes, ipod for helping with runs, a gym membership, a blender for smoothies...any ideas of your own stirring up?
Maybe money isn't the way to go for you, so what do you do then? Think social, maybe you can reward yourself by going out with friends or doing something you haven't done in a while (because you were so focused on your goal, duh) in this reward, you might have to limit yourself first before you can free yourself as a reward, making sense?
There are other ways to motivate in the sense of rewards, which leads me to my final point...

This is another one I love. Making your progress visual is a big deal for some. To be able to make something visual you have to first make sure it's measurable in some fashion. An example found on pinterest would be: 

On another note of making it visual, you can keep a board somewhere in the house, a poster maybe. That is full of motivational things like those found on pinterest and the like. Here the idea is moving marbles from the weight you've decided you want to lose from one container to the next which is labeled weight you loss...LOVE the concept. Can be varied in many ways, like if you're a runner, you can set a goal of miles for that month and move the marbles over as you complete the miles. I love things like this.

I hope all this was helpful. A few other tips that I'd like to add to help keep a goal are:
  • Find a "coach" to motivate you
  • Get someone with similar goal to do it with you
  • Set boundaries
  • Keep a journal
  • Be honest to yourself

Until next time!!