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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Clearproof by Mary Kay


I'm back with another product to review thanks to Influenster & Mary Kay!
This time it's an acne system called Clear Proof.
I'm quite intrigued to see how this turns out because I've been struggling with acne for a long time 13 years. 
I've tried a TON of products and only found a few that were okay. I have not seen the results I've been aching for. 
This is going to be an adventure for sure!
I already took my before picture and will share it with you after 7 days. 
Yup, in ONE WEEK I'll post another blog letting you know & showing you how the treatment is working out for me!
I'm excited! This is going to be real & honest.
Let me know if you have any specific questions I can keep in mind to answer throughout my testing phases. I'll answer whatever I can for you based on my experience.

To learn more about it for yourself, check out their website {HERE}

You'll find testimonials and information about pricing. 

Check out my unboxing & first impressions video!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Spring Fling VoxBox!


Eeek! I always get super duper excited when I get a box from Influenster! This particular box is amazing because it's right up my alley, almost made just for me.

The first thing I wanted to jump into immediately was the softlips cube {Facebook Link}. I'm a bit obsessed with lip products, namely chapstick and lip balm. If I go anywhere and realize I don't have some kind of lip moisturizer then I have a mini panic while I start to think of ways to "survive" until I can get my fix.

I've tried a TON of lip stuff out there and this stuff is awesome! It lasts fairly long, it's smooth, tastes and smells great. The one thing is the packaging. It's packaging shape is both a pro and con for me. Pro: it's odd shaped so I won't lose it in a pocket somewhere. Con: it's odd shaped so I can't really put it in my pocket (so I can eventually lose it). However, I love this thing and keep it in my backpack.

Next was the Nivea Body Skin Firming Moisturizer (Facebook). I carry this baby with me everywhere. I lotion up my legs, hands and face with it. I currently prefer it to another small lotion I have. This one is not super thick, but not so thin that it feels watery. I like the consistency. Another item you'll find in my backpack (not kidding).

Here comes the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retroglam Mascara (Facebook). To be honest, I was super excited about receiving mascara! I love mascara. I won't lie here. Just because I receive these products complimentary for testing doesn't mean I'm going to lie to you.

So here goes. This was not my favorite mascara. HOWEVER. When doubling it up with another mascara, it's fine. It will add volume. As a standalone mascara, it's not a go-to for me. I also believe it's a tad on the watery side. Well, that's my opinion.

Next up are the Kiss Everlasting French Nails (Facebook). Here comes the rave ;)

I lovelovelove these! For me they lasted 2 weeks! It stopped me from biting my nails for those two weeks and kept them very pretty. Super easy to apply, too!

I've tried these in the past and for some reason I remembered them as being complicated and not worth it. This time, however, I loved them and am considering buying them. Maybe they changed something.

Following that comes Playtex Sport Fresh Balance (Facebook). Hello tampons! haha

I was pretty darn lucky to have received the brand that I actually use! BUT I don't use the sport kind. Though after using these that may change ;)
Not much else to say about tampons except that they did their job and they did it well ;)

The last thing in the box was pretty sweet. I mean that literally!
It was an air smelly good type thing. It smelled like pie. It made me want pie. Where's some pie?
Why did they send me a pie smelly good thing? For the Labor Day movie of course! Check out their facebook page here. Have you seen it? Tell me what you thought of it!

Until Next Time!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
All images are my own.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

World Rat Day! Update! Plus What I'm Excited About!

Yes, I don't blog over here as often as I should. However, if you want to hear me talk about random thoughts in my head go {HERE} or if you are all about the well-being of your body & mind go {HERE} for great resources and posts on the topic. Then there are all you visual learners, you can go {HERE} to my new YouTube channel dedicated to all that is health & wellness. Then there are the super fan facebookers {HERE} is a special page for you to like!

So April 4th was a big day. It was World Rat Day {yes, that's a thing and don't make fun} and it was the release day for The Elder Scrolls Online {yes, I'm a big fan girl don't make fun}.

I came home from work in the morning {I work graves} and thought to check on my ratties. The super beggar was where she always is, hanging from the cage begging for treats as I walked in the room. Then I checked in the hammock to find Vex snuggled up against Mara. I pet them both and noticed something I didn't want to believe. I'll cut out all the sad details and ask this, what are the chances your pet rat dies on World Rat Day? Hmm? I mean seriously. We had a lovely little funeral, though.
Like I said, I'm going to save you all the sad details, so we'll move on.

We began our busy day. Errands after errands made our day long. A random stop at a cell phone place for my younger brother to see if he could get a new phone made it even longer. However, I saved him from making a huge mistake that day. He's a much happier man-child for it.

We made a stop at Best Buy to pick up my pre-order of The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition. OF COURSE there had to be an issue with the order status. We went through three employees and a phone call to their head people.

Anyway, more boring details later and Jayk got a new LG flex phone, I got my stuff and poor Mara wasn't with us anymore.
btw have you SEEN my short hair?

This was supposed to be an update on like life in general, but I seem to have gone off on the details of one particular day.

UPDATES! Well, go visit all the links I've shared up above. You'll find all of what's new up there. I'm way excited ALL THE TIME about Whole Body. So if you're in to living life and being awesome, then it's the place to be. ;) Go follow, comment and get involved. It makes me happy.

Books! I've treated myself to books! {It's my dream to have a mini library at home} I am excited, I just bought 4 books on Amazon, I can't wait. If you're into book reviews, follow me on YouTube or Whole Body Blog to see or read them. I'm not certain which method I want to use for the reviews....hmm video reviews or typed ones? What do you think?

I recently finished a 3 day juice cleanse! That was fun and I always seem to learn something new when I do it. Subscribe to my channel to see a video about it!


OH and my bookclub is voting on a new book to read from APRIL through JUNE! Join the club and vote:
What to read from April through June?

Friday, March 21, 2014

25 By 25 List Update

Hello Hello!
Check this post to see what the list is all about.
Here's an update:
#1 keep a budget - check! it's not perfect, but I'm working through it and love it. I use YNAB
#4 read 25 books - well... I've read one. Divergent. You going to see the movie!?
#5 try 25 new things - I tried something new: dry brushing. I read about it in Kris Carr's book "Crazy Sexy Diet". I finally tried it before my shower the other day and it was interesting. It was numbing, but not and painful, but not. Gross enough, I could see all the dead skin coming off {yuck}. Which makes me want to do this more often.
#7 try another 3 day detox - Check out my plans here and join me! Starts the 30th.
#10 stop biting my nails - I tried, really. Fail.
#19 get better sleep - the last few days weren't bad. I still woke up in between, but I somehow managed to fall back asleep. Progress.
#21 get indoor plants to detox the air - bought two plants so far! I plan to buy a plant each month. First two are peace lily and philodendron. You can briefly see them in this clip here.
Jayk helping me buy plants
 So far that's my progress! On another note, check out my whole body blog here. My profile on #Giveit100 here and like my whole body facebook page!

Until Next Time!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My 25 By 25 List

What's a 25 by 25 list?
It's a list of things you want to accomplish before you turn 25. Now, I just had a birthday. I turned 24.
Yes, I took a picture of myself jumping on my birthday. I'm weird like that. 
SO, my list. It actually took me much longer than I thought to come up with this list. I also would like to sidestep for a second to point out my poofy hair in that jumping picture -__-
I am leaning towards a pixie cut....and soon. We'll see if I go through with it. 
I'm thinking we'll just get right to the list. I will also be doing this on my other blog to keep myself super accountable. My other blog is a different style of blogging and writing, but I believe this list needs to be everywhere, I don't want to cut myself short. 
Now, in no particular order...

  1. Keep a budget
  2. Get a new car
  3. 1000 miles (run or bike)
  4. Read 25 books
  5. Try 25 new things
  6. Take a pole dancing or self defense class
  7. Try another 3 day detox
  8. Make a new friend
  9. Get my health coach certification
  10. Stop biting my nails
  11. Have a movie marathon {Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter...}
  12. Sell my photography
  13. Grow something {more importantly, don't kill it}
  14. Get a laptop
  15. Save money
  16. Start paying off student loans and credit cards
  17. Hike the narrows or subway
  18. Learn some German
  19. Get better sleep
  20. Visit a new National Park
  21. Get indoor plants to detox the air
  22. Clear up my skin
  23. Complete 25 projects
  24. Document my life {project life scrapbooking}
  25. Make the best of it!

That's my list. Did you make one? Plan on making one? What would you add? I'm thinking of making it look fun and hanging it up on my walls somewhere to keep reminding me of what's on my list so I can keep focused. Think I can do it? I have no clue to be honest. 
I'll tell you this, I'm already back on a running schedule {#3}, I have started using YNAB {#1}, I've set up a photography website/Etsy/Blog/Facebook page {#12}, I got a full-time position at the job I'm at {#15, #16, #14, #2}, I live near two or three National Parks I haven't been to {#20}, I already have the Project Life supplies/camera/blog {#24}, I have plenty of books awaiting one-on-one time on the Kindle {#4}, and I've picked up some materials to assist in learning German {#18}... 
That's a start, but there's a lot to be done to get through it!! Keep following me to find out how this journey goes. 

That's me, on my 24th birthday, making the most of life.