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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Workout Jar

Some people don't like restrictions, limitations, rule books, or schedules. My younger brother is one of those people. Now, he loves working out, but he was doing the same workouts all the time. That type of "program" if you will, doesn't allow for much progress. Eventually you'll hit a wall when you do the same thing all the time. You need to mix things up!
To better accommodate his way of doing things, I suggested the workout jar. This is just a jar with papers in it that have different exercises on them.
It's simple:

You make the list, either hand-written or typed up, with simple workouts. (Push-Ups, Plank, Burpees, Yoga, Run, Squats...) Print (if needed) and cut them out:

Then you fold them up and put them in the jar! Ta~Da

I used a Talenti Jar because I have a lot and they are awesome ;) Plus, it's a great excuse to eat sorbet and gelato! hahahaha

All he has to do now is pick 3-4 from the jar, then do intervals, example: 50 seconds work, 10 seconds break! 3 Sets!! Killer workout done! The best part is he can always add new workouts to the jar!

My Brother

What workouts would you put in your Workout Jar? 
Do you have a workout jar?
Want my list to print for yourself? Leave a comment and I'll update this post with a downloadable link!

Until Next Time!

Friday, July 26, 2013

First Ikea Adventure

If you've ever been awesome enough to visit an Ikea store, then you know how amazing it is. Let me first mention how I have my reservations of quality with their products, but I was still so excited about the whole adventure. 
Let me also tell you that we spent an entire 3 hours there....but keep in mind that includes eating at their cafe ;)
First off, there's a map. They give you a flippin' map, that's how big they are. You can't really "get lost" though, because it's like a one-way street almost.

Here's the map for the Draper, Utah store:

You start off with a map, pencil, paper yard stick, and you are advised to make your shopping list on the designated lines on the back of the map. There are other shopping tips found on their website here.

You start in the showroom and its amazing. You feel like you can literally live there. There are so many ideas that a person can go wild. It's probably wise to head into the store with a plan. If you're aiming for efficiency, that is....but I was just there to have fun!

Here I'm Miss Ikea by using the paper yard sticks ;)
Loved this magnetic board, got one in white!

My white magnetic board from Ikea 
Now this next thing, the thing over the bed, is awesome. It rolls, so you can pull it towards you to read or something then you can push it to the end of the bed when you're sleeping. Super fun. 

Love the idea of actually seeing your spices and getting them off the counter at the same time

This cutting board edge is ideal for
wiping things into the trash can

Here are just some fun things

Love the "stick-on" Grandfather clock

Yes, Please!! I love vanities

Grub Time!!
So if you spend more than $150, your meal is awesome

He was too cute, so I picked him up as well

If you want to know the names/prices of some of the shown items, JUST ASK ;)

I SO wish they would open an Ikea down in Las Vegas so that it's a little closer than it is now... #wishfulthinking

Until Next Time!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July I Choose

Okay, time for a chat. If anyone pays attention you'll know I haven't been keeping up with project 365 or my "I choose" project either. You know what? This kind of this beats me up. The falling behind kind of thing. That's because I always have this feeling that when I fall behind that I have to makeup for everything I've missed in order to get back on track. Where in reality, that just puts me more behind, it also keeps me from having any desire to catch up or get back on track. I'll have a desire to do it, then think of all I have to do to start again. This kind of thinking holds me back in a lot of different areas of life. However, I'm choosing to change that. THIS MONTH. Let's break down the goals:

1. Help someone. Self explanatory, who doesn't like giving a helping hand? I'm certain in this month that an opportunity will arise.

2. Revive my 365. This comes back to my issue I explained. I'm going to just pick up right now and not worry about what I've missed or didn't edit or forgot....I'm going to just start back with it NOW

3. Learn to let go. This is about my problem. I'm going to let go of having to catch up or of having to do something, or of keeping order. No one's life is done in order, why should I try to keep order when life isn't in order? This decision already feels good.

4. Tackle the Hot List. You can check that out here. I have so far done 2 things from that bucket. Let's knock some more out and have a fun summer, shall we? Good plan. 

5. Beat Procrastination. I believe this ties into my letting go issue. But I'm going to really dig into things and figure out how to get shit done. Like not tomorrow or later, but like today & now. 

6. Be a soldier of steel. I found myself this workout program from the military....let's just say I'm already dead and my nephew decided he'll need to build me a gravestone on our Minecraft server -_- 
but yea, he's probably right. 

I'm ready and in full blown excitement for this month. BRING IT ON!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Food Journaling

I like to keep a food journal, so I thought I'd share my take on keeping one.

Why I Do It:

  • More conscious about what I eat because I have to record it
  • Encourages me to eat healthier. I feel more proud of recording the good vs. the not-so-good stuff
  • Helps me notice my eating habits: when I eat the least/most, when I crave junk, what I tend to do while eating (triggers).
  • Good way to keep track of recipes (juices, smoothies, etc...)
Methods of Recording:
  • Apps for your phone/kindle/ipad...
  • Physical notebook (specially made for this purpose or plain notebook)
  • digital notebook/notepads on phones and computers
  • blogs
  • google drive
  • take photos with notes/captions
  • get creative and make it fun so it's not a bore to record
What I Record:
  • Date/Time
  • What I Ate:
    • recipe (oz for juices also)
    • more focused on eating clean and feel the rest falls into place
  • What I'm doing while eating
  • Experiences with things like mindful eating or juice fasting...
I encourage recording for 1-2 weeks straight if you can to better understand your eating. Though, don't beat yourself up if you miss a day or what have you. Also, don't lie about it. Your journal doesn't care either way and you're only cheating yourself -_-

About Food Journaling: WebMD & RealSimple

The NBA's Take on food journaling here

Mindful Eating: MindBodyGreen, Psychology Today, Zen Habits, Berkeley

Made that in photoshop with one of my fav poems about food journaling. 

Now here's a video of me blabbing about this topic for almost 10 minutes. 

Until Next Time