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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting Stuff Done

Originally uploaded by eshannie123
This is Mom and I working on my homework and helping her with her fitness program. WOoHOo!! => Rooting for Mom!!
Mom started a blog to track her fitness:

Friday, March 19, 2010


Sounds freak me out sometimes. When I first moved into this house just about every sounds scared the shit out of me. After a while, I learned where each came from and I was fine. Of course, there are new sounds every now and then that are a bit startling for a moment. Everything is fine if it goes away. Sometimes a noise won't go away and it's different than the soundtrack to my house and I can't figure out what it's generated by. Those times make me feel like I'm the intro to CSI, Castle or any mystery novel/show. Then my mind takes off and plays out what would've happened if that moment was a part of one of those stories.

Well, this evening I had that uncomfortable response created by noises. Only this time I knew what they were from, but they weren't calming. It was simply the combination.

I got home, set my things down and the wind was really bad outside; therefore, there were creepy wind noises which usually turn into a game of "where's that sound from" that is pretty fun, but not this time. The first was, of course, the tree/bushes hitting the house. Second, the screen door that doesn't always shut. Then the house creaks and pops. I headed outside to get the mail and heard a whining noise. I kept walking, but looked in several directions to see where it was coming from. On the way back from the mail box I heard a man yell in the distance. Next, I probably flew two feet off of the ground because a dog ran at lightening speed right past me(towards the man that yelled). Came back home and fixed the screen door. Digging for food in the kitchen, I heard children screaming, that one I didn't understand. That wasn't once, but several times throughout the hour. There's always boom, boom noises from kids with subs in their cars, but tonight it sounded like a giant hammer hitting the street several blocks away. It never got closer, just stayed where it was and at a constant beat. All of these put together isn't all that frightening, but it definitely had me thinking about Stephen King novels.


"Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood."
~Marie Curie

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Dave-O wanted to be in this here you are Dave-O.....
He's getting brakes for his car that will last him on Kingsbury....he finally found the ones he likes and was telling me that when it gets there, he'll be unstoppable!! Then he corrected himself and said he'll actually be able to stop really extra stoppable!! hehe.....=>

For Dave-O
and no, Dave, nothing on this page even remotely looks like squiggly cat poo.....just no.


I like my job. =>
I don't like how I feel at my job.....I feel like I'm in a shell. I've always just been me and said screw everyone else if they don't like it. Here I was me just once and they all wondered if "I was okay", "If I had bottled up things I needed to let out" or my favorite "Do I have a psychological disorder".....yea, so umm....WHAT THE HELL??
All of you who know me, get that it's well just how I am.....I'm a little weird, but I'm "normal" there's nothing wrong with me and here I feel like I need to keep in my little egg, say few words to people and barely look at anyone. Then get off work, get in my car, turn up the music and scream to let it all out and kind of catch up for the missed "being myself" time.....I feel so LAME, I've never had to "hide myself"
This little thing is a BIG deal to me.....I HATE having to feel like being me is, well, what? wrong?? ehh....that's it. I'm going to just let it out the rest of the week and if they think I'm crazy, have some kind of disorder and ignore me like the kid in the back who picks his nose.....then SO BE IT!! at least I'LL FEEL BETTER because I'll BE ME!!
Let's just hope the guys on top don't see this as a possible questionable personality and want to speak with me "in their office"......

Always when judging
Who people are,
Remember to footnote
The words "So far."

~Robert Brault

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random School Assignment Post

hehe.....yea pretty lame, I know. The chapter we were studying was on nutrition. Great stuff, going to read it over with Daniel because we need to wise up on our facts. =>
Anyway, we had a discussion post where we had to choose a vegetarian diet or one of the special popular groups described in our text. Talk about them and give suggested eating patterns to help achieve a healthy diet.
Boring stuff to most of you, but I chose college students as mine and it's a small little discussion. I just thought I should share the information that most people know, but still somehow forget. Here goes my post for school:


"Vegetables are a must on a diet.  I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie."
  ~Jim Davis

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The past few days have me doing a whole lot of thinking. I usually think a lot, but this is probably 10X as much and I tend to just freeze up. I'm usually not good at making decisions....true. BUT I usually do have some sense of control. Lately, nothing is as usual. So, for some reason, I tried my hand at a sonnet.....I LOVED them back in 9th grade, I actually wrote quite the emotional one....I was just thinking about it. This is one I just put together a few minutes ago and it's nowhere near as profound as the one I wrote in 9th grade....I'll share that one next.

It Leaves Me

lots of new things coming into my life
no worries old things are leaving my sight
the leaving leaves me with wound from a knife
though reasons behind the leaving are right
happening so fast gives me no control
a feeling quite new it leaves me in thought
this thinking so much puts me in a hole
all its accomplished is made me distraught
clueless as how to proceed I just sit
emotions build and make me a stranger
no decisions made I'm stuck in this pit
all this has my state of mind in danger
I must get me and my mind back in sync
never thought I'd say that I need a shrink

Well.....that's the bubble of things.....

"Work out your own salvation.  Do not depend on others." 


There's a whole lot of FANTASTIC that happened the last few days. I'd like to share that, but right now, I'M MAD!!
I'm mad at a few people, I'm mad at schools, I'm mad at just so many things.....mad at myself. Just MAD. So THERE. I better find a way to cheer up in the next hour before work.

"Eggs cannot be unscrambled." 
~American Proverb

Sunday, March 7, 2010

DooD in Thought....

When it's windy and rainy outside it makes me want to turn off all the lights, everything that makes noise, lay down next to Daniel and just say nothing....

"Love one another and you will be happy.  It's as simple and as difficult as that."  ~Michael Leunig

Slide - The Goo Goo Dolls


This job is so much more to me than money....I'm not even making much or working more than 20hrs....this job gives me motivation for the other things in life like school, house work and completing little tasks.
Everything I do makes me feel more useful than before. Lame, but true. I feel like I count again. It's not like I've always felt useless, only when I thought about the jobless part of my life. Of course, I never thought about the reasons behind it, you know, there was a whole purpose. I've definitely changed the way I think about things. I really must say this stress class is just amazing. I am so looking forward to starting the bachelors of psychology....just think how I'll look at things then!! =>
On a different note, I really hope Mom gets better soon. I think she should go see someone. Maybe it will just go away, one way or careful =>
Love you Mom....had fun today. =>

"Happiness is a form of courage." 
~Holbrook Jackson

"Work to become, not to acquire." 
~ Elbert Hubbard

 Just about anything from the Goo Goo Dolls hits the spot right now =>

Friday, March 5, 2010


Went in, took the test, got partially set up, then started making calls. I was only on the phone for 2.5 hrs....made about 85 calls and 2 sales. Not too bad actually. The average goal is a sale an hour, so I'm doing okay => I want to kick it up a notch....we'll see what I can do tomorrow =>

School work can be such a drag to an uplifted day.....BUT when it's done on time after all that other good stuff happening that day, it can make you feel 100X better => I'm aiming for that feeling tonight!!

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." ~Jimmy Johnson


Busy the last few days....
BUT WOW....on the 2nd I was having yet another break down over the same thing that has bothered me the past year. This thing is being jobless.

The reason why I didn't have a job was that school was more important and I needed to really focus and keep up good grades. When I work, it slowly, but surely becomes my priority. That just simply is not allowed. I need to lock school in as my top priority.

BUT regardless of not having a job making all the sense in the world I still was bothered by the fact that I didn't have one, that I wasn't bringing in more money than grants and such from school. It made me feel useless. Horrible way to think about it, from the stress point-of-view I'm now acquiring from my class....but true. I've always been such an independent person, this just brought that factor down soooo much I was going crazy. Now that school was completely online for this semester and that I've got a great idea on the flow of the work load, a job wouldn't hurt too much. PART TIME!! I have to restrain myself or I'll work 50hrs a week.

Weird thing is, I must have applied to over hundreds of jobs in the past year when I had a break down....had maybe a call or two and two interviews over that whole time frame, but that's a crazy ratio.
It was weird that I applied that night like any other time throughout the year and suddenly the morning after I received a phone call to set up an interview with Synergy. Then another call from another company that I wasn't all too excited for(housekeeping), but it was a job so I took the interview after Synergy's appointment time.

The housekeeping job was actually applied for over six months ago!! hehe....kind of funny.

The only thing bugging me was having them set up on that day(the 3rd) because I had plans with Daniel and plans to head down to Mesquite to run a few places and attend the Lia Sophia jewelry party at Michelle's.

OH WELL!! hehe....things went great, though my feet hurt like hell after I got home from the interviews....stupid shoes.

Lia Sophia party was fun, too.....I'm not much of a jewelry person and have about 4 pieces of jewelry, most can't be found and aren't great for everyday or matching most clothes....I never was able to find stuff that would actually work with me because everything I have has been given to me, and I'm rough and have fear of breaking stuff. SO....I went a little crazy at the party and bought a few things. => can't wait....I'll post photos when they get here....also, Mom wanted this little cute ring they had, but didn't cave in and just bought some cute earrings called "lacey" which go really well with her hair color and are really light weight. => Tell you about mine when they get here....

In short, today er...yesterday?? the 4th....was pretty busy as well. Jayk was here and I went in for training at the new job, it lasted several hours longer than expected, but it's pretty simple. I get to start officially tomorrow after I pass a quick test on some common stuff....pretty excited!!

Then it was Mandarin buffet with a nice visit from Mom and Dad....they were supposed to pick Jayk up, but with me being gone longer than normal Jayk was kind of all alone at my house without too much to do, so Jayk is still here.... we can actually hang out now that I know the time frame of work hehe.....=>
Lots to do....lots to do..... =>

"The future influences the present just as much as the past." 
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Reading the textbook for my stress class makes me think a lot about life. We cause our own stress. It's crazy. Just by how you think/self-talk about a situation or problem determines the amount of stress related to the issue. There are big differences in things we thought to be so similar like concerns vs. worries. I know it's lame to say how much I'm learning from this class, but I'm learning LOTS!! hehe => It's nice to have a class you can take information from and actually want to apply it to daily life. This class is definitely an eye-opener and life-changer!!

"You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives." 
~Clay P. Bedford

Fireflies - Owl City


Balloon Reflections

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today was such a FANTASTIC day....!! hehe....maybe because I was in such a GREAT mood!!
It was all Daniel and I =>
We just relaxed in the morning, watched a few things and played a little. Then we went off to run some errands. It always feels good to get stuff done. After that we found Resident Evil 5 in Target for $20 which was cool. Our original reason for Target was to pick up a little basketball pump. We almost bought some roller blades, hehe....Okiedokie....We picked up some sushi from Harmon's then we were off to the park. My idea => I really enjoy going to parks....and I made the decision that we needed to be a little more active in life, like we used to be.....
The park was great....sushi was yummy, like always....then we played around with Daniel's little xmod RC and I played around with the little Nikon S70....just goofing around, really. Then we got out the basketball, pumped it up and had a great time pretending we knew how to shoot hoops.... hehe. We really suck, but we'll get better eventually.... maybe. We played H-O-R-S-E as well, we probably threw about 200 missed shots before Daniel finally won, barely. hehe we were tied at H-O-R-S for a long time hehe....all in all, really a great time.... =>
Then it was home for that new Resident Evil 5 game....we played the demo a long time ago. Daniel was just excited that it was a game the two of us would play together hehe....
Not too much after that other than burning my tongue with broccoli.... hehe
I know this was a real boring journal entry thing, but I just had a great day....and that's what I wanted to write about....not like anyone really reads this crap anyway.... hehe

"Jumping for joy is good exercise." 
~Author Unknown

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

Here's a little photo of the park....
#60 Fun At The Park

Here's Daniel's little xmod RC we played with. =>

Hehe....Daniel and I laughed at this, well, what does it look like to you?? =>
What does this look like to you??

here is the set on Flickr with the rest of the photos from the park, not many.... =>

Well, Daniel fell asleep on the couch while I was writing this, so I guess that means it's sleep time =>