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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March "I Choose"

The goals for this month were based on what worked and what didn't last month. Here is March:

1. I had this as a goal for February and it had me chop my long hair off. This time, who knows where it'll take me! 
2. I've been making jewelry for a little while and have been working on putting up a store. This month I'm working a little closure to my grand reveal haha. 
3. I've got a ton (in my eyes) of makeup and it has no home. I'm looking to give it one. Keep tuned for a video!
4. This is a HUGE issue for me. This month holds a TON of projects/assignments and what have you due in school, I simple can't afford to screw around.
5. This is just a craving. Plus, Daniel likes when my goals include food.
6. This goes along with the whole "I can't afford to screw around" idea. Plus, my photos (Project 365) reeeaaally need to be posted. GEEZ! When they are, you'll find them here

Until Next Time!