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Monday, February 18, 2013


I did it. I actually did it. I chopped my hair off and donated the long thing. I've always had long hair. This had to change because I was going crazy. It also goes along with my I choose for February, "try something new". Going short like this is definitely new for me! I did some digging and found a bunch of styles online, check the pinterest board:
I then dug more and found a place to get it cut. The ladies actually didn't want to do it. Some said they wouldn't. This one only agreed because I was donating the hair. She said that is one of two exceptions where she would cut long hair. The other being new moms. 
My birthday came and I went down there with a printout of some of my fav cuts from my pinterest board. Then I took a deep breath and got it cut and styled. WOOT! The stylist was amazing, she took a look at my face shape, hair type, and sample photos when giving me her professional opinion about the cut. We agreed on something and began the adventure. 

 Some pics from my instagram:
Some say the cut makes me look sophisticated. 
All I know is it definitely makes me look my age. 

Well, here's a video of the deed getting done:

Video shot by my mom :)
After the cut I went out on the strip and had a fantastic time. I even went to Gilley's and THE Mickey Gilley showed up and gave us our own special concert. What a great time. 

Until Next Time!!