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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get Fit Link up: Motivation

Dont Quote The Raven

I'm new to this link up, but I'm way excited about it. I am all about fitness. So this should be fun. Here are some quick things about me:
My Goals: Tone up! & maintain an active lifestyle.
Why I need this: here's the story, my guy & I would workout 3 days a week, every week. It was great. BUT see school this semester is scheduled so that I can't go when we used to. Basically, I'm on my own. This is a test and I need to find a way to motivate myself and kick my own ass out the door!!

So, for this first post I thought I'd share motivational things, they're everywhere and I love them...I want to cover my walls with these things...

Well, of course, there's pinterest. How on earth would we ever be motivated to get off pinterest if we didn't have pinterest to motivate us!?! hahaha 
SO here's my fitness board:

Next up has to be my Runner's World magazines. 
 I LOVE when these show up in my box. They have great info in them! Also, their website is super useful.

Now, I love bodyrock, too! They are quick (usually 12min/day) and really hit you hard. You see fast results and when others post pics and stories about their progress, it really keeps you wanting to kick yourself in the butt. One of the bodyrockers is a mom and still keeps an amazing shape. NO EXCUSES!!

facebook (where the inspiration is):
Also, some of the bodyrock team have their own facebooks, be sure to check them out.

Last bit of motivation I want to mention is definitely what literally forces me to get up and go....
Seriously, do it.
When you register for a race, like pay money for a date in the future where you have to perform physically, it pretty much motivates you to do something. Especially since you paid for it. It's like college. When you're paying, you pay a little more attention and actually care to get the grade vs. middle school where you aren't paying for it. You don't have to run a 10min/mile or run at all for that matter, sign up for a friendly 5k then take Nike's word for it and  just do it.

Until next time!