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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Favorites!

I'm on youtube watching videos a lot and many of the videos I watch are fashion/beauty related. Those youtubers do what are called favorites videos where they talk about what they were really into that month. Here I give it my first shot with a July favorites video.

1. carried away bath & body works body spray
2. Summer Color banana boat self tan lotion
3. CLEAR shampoo/conditioner
4. nail polish remover dip-it
5. bad to the bronze color tattoo from maybelline
6. cherry me baby lips from maybelline
7. Crunch candy bar girl scout flavors
8. Bejeweled 3
9. Olympics!

I'd love for you to do a blog post or video about your favorites of last month! If you do, go ahead and drop me a link to it in the comments!