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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Little Back to School Shopping?

I think so!
I decided to do a video of some stuff I bought. Figured it was easier. I did use a 40% off total coupon at Rue 21 which helped bring an almost $100 total down to $50-something. LOVE coupons! haha then I did a ton of shopping at Target, but no clothes... (crazy, right?!?) I went to Target to get organizational items for this room I'm reorganizing..which is currently a total disaster! Can't wait until I'm posting about the finished product! HAHA =>
Sooo don't mind my....everything in this video. I'm a mess (working on that room!) and my lighting sucks.
Alright, here's the video!!
Did you do some school shopping? I'd love to read/watch all about it! Leave me a comment!

Until next time!

P.S. I was being a total dork later that day, you know when you're undertaking a huge project and you get a little crazy? Yea, that's me: 
OH and I've noticed twice now that the sync is off with these tout videos...anyway enjoy my goofiness.