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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I love organization. It's getting to that point that is a little difficult. I am on a mission to organize this whole dang house! I feel like it's really needed. I'm a big fan of smaller or "baby" goals within big ones. Like breaking down the big picture. It not only makes it easier, but it helps you feel more accomplished as you're working you're way through a big goal. When you have those baby goals and you pass them, it's like fuel for your goal accomplishing truck! SO as I have a very big goal of organization in mind (the entire house) I break them down room-by-room and even part-by-part. Thus, I give you my makeup organization.

Here is what I've stored my makeup in for a couple years now:
Although the bag is probably my favorite because of how gorgeous it is, this relationship just wasn't working...Also, it took up too much space on my bathroom counter..and the object of my game here is to avoid clutter. haha
So, I actually had a container that I could use. I got them months ago at walmart in the fishing section.
This was perfect because I don't have a ton of makeup. Mind you this is not a permanent solution. I do want to find a pretty something-or-other to store my makeup in, but I just needed something better than what I had going on. Plus, it would be nice to actually see all my stuff. 
Besides the bad quality of my cell phone, you can see I kind of organized it, too. 
Mascara top right, my little gel eye liner top-middle, more eye liner top-left, All lip products in the middle row assorted loosely by size, eye shadow bottom-right and middle, then some face products like blush and bronzer in the bottom-left compartment. 
I'm lovin' this compared to the alternative because I really can see what I have and it looks well... pleasant haha. There were a few items that didn't fit well into this system and a few items I rarely use; for those I put them into a smaller bag:

My organizing adventure is just beginning. I post touts along the journey and will be summing things up on here (and in more detail than 15 seconds can give). How do you organize your makeup? 
Here's the tout video: