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Monday, March 1, 2010


Today was such a FANTASTIC day....!! hehe....maybe because I was in such a GREAT mood!!
It was all Daniel and I =>
We just relaxed in the morning, watched a few things and played a little. Then we went off to run some errands. It always feels good to get stuff done. After that we found Resident Evil 5 in Target for $20 which was cool. Our original reason for Target was to pick up a little basketball pump. We almost bought some roller blades, hehe....Okiedokie....We picked up some sushi from Harmon's then we were off to the park. My idea => I really enjoy going to parks....and I made the decision that we needed to be a little more active in life, like we used to be.....
The park was great....sushi was yummy, like always....then we played around with Daniel's little xmod RC and I played around with the little Nikon S70....just goofing around, really. Then we got out the basketball, pumped it up and had a great time pretending we knew how to shoot hoops.... hehe. We really suck, but we'll get better eventually.... maybe. We played H-O-R-S-E as well, we probably threw about 200 missed shots before Daniel finally won, barely. hehe we were tied at H-O-R-S for a long time hehe....all in all, really a great time.... =>
Then it was home for that new Resident Evil 5 game....we played the demo a long time ago. Daniel was just excited that it was a game the two of us would play together hehe....
Not too much after that other than burning my tongue with broccoli.... hehe
I know this was a real boring journal entry thing, but I just had a great day....and that's what I wanted to write about....not like anyone really reads this crap anyway.... hehe

"Jumping for joy is good exercise." 
~Author Unknown

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

Here's a little photo of the park....
#60 Fun At The Park

Here's Daniel's little xmod RC we played with. =>

Hehe....Daniel and I laughed at this, well, what does it look like to you?? =>
What does this look like to you??

here is the set on Flickr with the rest of the photos from the park, not many.... =>

Well, Daniel fell asleep on the couch while I was writing this, so I guess that means it's sleep time =>