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Friday, March 5, 2010


Busy the last few days....
BUT WOW....on the 2nd I was having yet another break down over the same thing that has bothered me the past year. This thing is being jobless.

The reason why I didn't have a job was that school was more important and I needed to really focus and keep up good grades. When I work, it slowly, but surely becomes my priority. That just simply is not allowed. I need to lock school in as my top priority.

BUT regardless of not having a job making all the sense in the world I still was bothered by the fact that I didn't have one, that I wasn't bringing in more money than grants and such from school. It made me feel useless. Horrible way to think about it, from the stress point-of-view I'm now acquiring from my class....but true. I've always been such an independent person, this just brought that factor down soooo much I was going crazy. Now that school was completely online for this semester and that I've got a great idea on the flow of the work load, a job wouldn't hurt too much. PART TIME!! I have to restrain myself or I'll work 50hrs a week.

Weird thing is, I must have applied to over hundreds of jobs in the past year when I had a break down....had maybe a call or two and two interviews over that whole time frame, but that's a crazy ratio.
It was weird that I applied that night like any other time throughout the year and suddenly the morning after I received a phone call to set up an interview with Synergy. Then another call from another company that I wasn't all too excited for(housekeeping), but it was a job so I took the interview after Synergy's appointment time.

The housekeeping job was actually applied for over six months ago!! hehe....kind of funny.

The only thing bugging me was having them set up on that day(the 3rd) because I had plans with Daniel and plans to head down to Mesquite to run a few places and attend the Lia Sophia jewelry party at Michelle's.

OH WELL!! hehe....things went great, though my feet hurt like hell after I got home from the interviews....stupid shoes.

Lia Sophia party was fun, too.....I'm not much of a jewelry person and have about 4 pieces of jewelry, most can't be found and aren't great for everyday or matching most clothes....I never was able to find stuff that would actually work with me because everything I have has been given to me, and I'm rough and have fear of breaking stuff. SO....I went a little crazy at the party and bought a few things. => can't wait....I'll post photos when they get here....also, Mom wanted this little cute ring they had, but didn't cave in and just bought some cute earrings called "lacey" which go really well with her hair color and are really light weight. => Tell you about mine when they get here....

In short, today er...yesterday?? the 4th....was pretty busy as well. Jayk was here and I went in for training at the new job, it lasted several hours longer than expected, but it's pretty simple. I get to start officially tomorrow after I pass a quick test on some common stuff....pretty excited!!

Then it was Mandarin buffet with a nice visit from Mom and Dad....they were supposed to pick Jayk up, but with me being gone longer than normal Jayk was kind of all alone at my house without too much to do, so Jayk is still here.... we can actually hang out now that I know the time frame of work hehe.....=>
Lots to do....lots to do..... =>

"The future influences the present just as much as the past." 
~Friedrich Nietzsche