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Friday, March 19, 2010


Sounds freak me out sometimes. When I first moved into this house just about every sounds scared the shit out of me. After a while, I learned where each came from and I was fine. Of course, there are new sounds every now and then that are a bit startling for a moment. Everything is fine if it goes away. Sometimes a noise won't go away and it's different than the soundtrack to my house and I can't figure out what it's generated by. Those times make me feel like I'm the intro to CSI, Castle or any mystery novel/show. Then my mind takes off and plays out what would've happened if that moment was a part of one of those stories.

Well, this evening I had that uncomfortable response created by noises. Only this time I knew what they were from, but they weren't calming. It was simply the combination.

I got home, set my things down and the wind was really bad outside; therefore, there were creepy wind noises which usually turn into a game of "where's that sound from" that is pretty fun, but not this time. The first was, of course, the tree/bushes hitting the house. Second, the screen door that doesn't always shut. Then the house creaks and pops. I headed outside to get the mail and heard a whining noise. I kept walking, but looked in several directions to see where it was coming from. On the way back from the mail box I heard a man yell in the distance. Next, I probably flew two feet off of the ground because a dog ran at lightening speed right past me(towards the man that yelled). Came back home and fixed the screen door. Digging for food in the kitchen, I heard children screaming, that one I didn't understand. That wasn't once, but several times throughout the hour. There's always boom, boom noises from kids with subs in their cars, but tonight it sounded like a giant hammer hitting the street several blocks away. It never got closer, just stayed where it was and at a constant beat. All of these put together isn't all that frightening, but it definitely had me thinking about Stephen King novels.


"Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood."
~Marie Curie