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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The past few days have me doing a whole lot of thinking. I usually think a lot, but this is probably 10X as much and I tend to just freeze up. I'm usually not good at making decisions....true. BUT I usually do have some sense of control. Lately, nothing is as usual. So, for some reason, I tried my hand at a sonnet.....I LOVED them back in 9th grade, I actually wrote quite the emotional one....I was just thinking about it. This is one I just put together a few minutes ago and it's nowhere near as profound as the one I wrote in 9th grade....I'll share that one next.

It Leaves Me

lots of new things coming into my life
no worries old things are leaving my sight
the leaving leaves me with wound from a knife
though reasons behind the leaving are right
happening so fast gives me no control
a feeling quite new it leaves me in thought
this thinking so much puts me in a hole
all its accomplished is made me distraught
clueless as how to proceed I just sit
emotions build and make me a stranger
no decisions made I'm stuck in this pit
all this has my state of mind in danger
I must get me and my mind back in sync
never thought I'd say that I need a shrink

Well.....that's the bubble of things.....

"Work out your own salvation.  Do not depend on others."