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Thursday, March 18, 2010


I like my job. =>
I don't like how I feel at my job.....I feel like I'm in a shell. I've always just been me and said screw everyone else if they don't like it. Here I was me just once and they all wondered if "I was okay", "If I had bottled up things I needed to let out" or my favorite "Do I have a psychological disorder".....yea, so umm....WHAT THE HELL??
All of you who know me, get that it's well just how I am.....I'm a little weird, but I'm "normal" there's nothing wrong with me and here I feel like I need to keep in my little egg, say few words to people and barely look at anyone. Then get off work, get in my car, turn up the music and scream to let it all out and kind of catch up for the missed "being myself" time.....I feel so LAME, I've never had to "hide myself"
This little thing is a BIG deal to me.....I HATE having to feel like being me is, well, what? wrong?? ehh....that's it. I'm going to just let it out the rest of the week and if they think I'm crazy, have some kind of disorder and ignore me like the kid in the back who picks his nose.....then SO BE IT!! at least I'LL FEEL BETTER because I'll BE ME!!
Let's just hope the guys on top don't see this as a possible questionable personality and want to speak with me "in their office"......

Always when judging
Who people are,
Remember to footnote
The words "So far."

~Robert Brault