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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January "I Choose" Wrap Up

Some of you might remember THIS post about my monthly goals project!
Well, here we are in February and you might be wondering where my new goals are! I'll get to those later, but first I'd like to discuss how January went.
Here is the reminder photo:

So, how did I do???
#1 I have a calendar I printed out for this project. I plan to continue it for the whole year. Anyway, I printed a calendar and if I worked out that day I marked it with a highlighter. I'm proud to say I succeeded!!
#2 This was kind of too easy of a goal now that I'm active in project 365 again...anyway, happy to say I succeeded here, too!
#3 I was able to not only add a little to my savings, but also pay off my credit card! Can I get a Woot Woot!
#4 Here is where I wasn't completely successful. What I mainly had in mind for this was to put away all the Christmas junk and clean up/organize my desk area. Now, I did manage to put away all the holly jolly decorations, but I never managed to fix up my desk for school. =(   I shall not give up though! The goal just needs to be broken down, I think. Baby steps.
#5 This was a little bit of a cheat one as well (what? I wanted to start off on a good foot). I am currently enrolled in a children's lit class that requires a ton of reading. BUT my class also helped me get in good habit of reading and I started  reading for pleasure again!
#6 I did in fact make those tasty things! They are double chocolate mint cookies. Daniel was quite happy and suggested I make another "edible goal" for February. ;)