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Friday, February 22, 2013

LOVE in our home is...

...anything to do with butts!! Serious though, "butt" is my name when he's around. Aside from that:
LOVE is one of us getting a drink for the other while they play video games
LOVE is understanding that the profanities yelled while playing games are not directed at you.
LOVE is grocery shopping together.
LOVE is Daniel taking the older car when it should be me.
LOVE is filling up the gas tank.
LOVE is working out together.
LOVE is understanding he's not much of a talker.
LOVE is Daniel understanding that I talk a lot.
LOVE is listening to me complain.
LOVE is listening to him complain.
LOVE is laying on the couch watching a show.
LOVE is dealing with the fact that he now has longer hair than me.
LOVE is Daniel buying me a muffin.
LOVE is working around his graveyard schedule.
LOVE is not kissing him on the lips when I just put on lipgloss/lipstick...
LOVE is crawling into bed with my freezing feet and Daniel just taking it.
LOVE is the two of us ♥♥