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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February "I Choose"


February is in full swing!! Can you believe it?? I can't!
I LOVE February. It's my favorite month! SO many adventures are coming this year and many in this very month!! Well here is the "I choose" list for this month!
#1 is all about adventure! Anything goes!! haha this could be a new food, new exercise, new sex position..whatever. HAHA
#2 If you followed me on here for a while then you know about my juicing adventures! I posted what I thought, my recipes, everything. I loved it. Life got way busy with the holidays so I plan on returning to what feels good. Juicing. 
#3 If you followed my January goals, you would see that I'm getting back into reading! continue that adventure, we need to finish a book!
#4 Here is something I REALLY need to uphold. I am so lazy on editing and publishing my photos. That doesn't work well when you're doing project 365!! haha Here's to catching up!
#5 I plan on making a post all about this one, so stay tuned!
#6 .....well, best of luck, right?? Third times the charm? whatever. Let's do this.....again. 

What are your goals this month??