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Friday, February 15, 2013

Back on the Seat

It's hard to tell in this photo, but most of the yellow bikes are claimed with keys, towels, water bottles etc...

I've skipped a week. A WHOLE WEEK of hitting the gym. Before I wouldn't think anything of it, but since I've been involved in a specific spin class I've taken missing a day very seriously. For serious. Today at 9:05am I arrived in the spin room. Daniel & I spotted some of the good yellow bikes (there weren't very many left) and claimed them as our own by putting our water bottles in them. The class doesn't even start until 9:30am. This instructor is THAT GOOD. No joke. I brought my book and read for about 15min until it was time to warm up. When that woman (no, not the one in the photo) walks in, the energy level shoots up like a rocket and you know you're in for a good ride. Within the first five minutes of her spin class you're sweating, feeling the burn, and realizing why is taken up by 9:30am. 
After this class you feel amazing for accomplishing such a killer workout. You also feel empty, no energy left and in need of replenishing fast. Therefore, we hit up our favorite smoothie place right after. Lucky for us it's close to the gym.
This spin class + emerald city smoothie = the best combo ever. 
While drinking my smoothie I always feel freaking amazing. Daniel calls it our ritual and he's a big fan. 
I will say, today that spin class killed me more than normal. It's amazing what missing one class can do (it's a weekly class on Friday). I was forced to miss out on my workouts and my classes at school due to 40hrs of required training at my job (which was also killer physically and mentally). 
One way or another everything is back to normal and I died at the gym today, just how it should be. ♥

Until Next Time!!