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Monday, February 25, 2013

Mindfulness Monday

Today's Mindfulness Monday will come from Rick Hanson's Just One Thing: "Take in the Good".

Good things happen and we often overlook them or they don't hold as much weight as more negative things. The negative sticks out. We remember it. It seems to be that we remember more negative than positive, or as I like to think of it...we pay more attention to negative things.
We consider "bad" things that happen to us to be something to learn from. We treat these experiences as a lesson. That is great, but why don't we often do the same for positive, good, or happy experiences? Why aren't those often treated as lessons? We can learn from those happenings, too.
In his article, Rick Hanson mentions we typically need a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions in our relationships. It's amazing how powerful one single negative event is compared to a positive one. Why can't positive things hold more weight?
Here's how we can "Take in the Good" as Hanson puts it and give power back to good, positive things.
The way I see it, we need to pay more attention to good things!!
It may be hard to do it at first. We forget or the moments pass by quickly (all the more reason to treasure it). A way to give good moments the attention they deserve, is to start a grateful/happiness journal. Whatever you want to call it, here's the drill:
At the end of each day, think of 5 things that day that you are grateful/happy for. 
They can be anything from you catching up with emails to trying a new recipe or even bigger more obvious things like graduating college. Whatever they are...pick 5 things from that day and list them. That's it. You can write them down on an app in your phone, program in your computer, your blog, old-fashion pen & paper, or maybe just take time each night to tell your partner before bed or give each of the moments a good thought at the end of the day.
However you do it, just DO it
It might be difficult at first, to recall 5 things. After a while you'll notice yourself noticing more of the positive things AS they happen, thinking about how you can remember this moment to write down later. You'll make more mental notes of the good in your life and you'll give them the punch they need for a fair fight against negative thoughts.