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Monday, August 12, 2013

Mind Your Mondays - Shopping

Man do I love my shopping! I've posted a few hauls on my youtube channel (5ish so far). Some examples here, here, and here ;)
Plus, I've written about it a couple times on the blog here & here
"They" say a lot about shopping. There are a lot of theories behind why we shop (a lot), like reasons of stress, loneliness, etc... I know I just love to look at all the possibilities (ideas often coming from Pinterest), but through the years of college I have realized that higher stress lead me to shop. I don't stop there, I also realized higher boredom levels lead me to shop. This is probably facilitated by Pinterest which shows me all of what I could be doing. 
BUT this boredom also comes from crafting downtime. Which is often brought to my attention thanks to Pinterest. 
Sooo, I guess what I'm saying is that it's Pinterest's fault ;)
Ok Ok...I can't blame them completely. It's also youtube's fault! Damn those vloggers and their Target hauls ;) hahaha
To be truly's when I don't have a plan for my money - > reason I got YNAB < - BUT it's also due to me having a plan for my money and part of that plan includes spending for fun. 

Whatever it is, it's not dying down anytime soon. I ♥♥ to shop!

Where are your favorite places to spend your green?!?
I Love me some Target  & Michaels!

Until Next Time!

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