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Monday, August 26, 2013

Mind Your Mondays - Career Decisions

Options. Decisions. Pathways. There's a lot going on in my world, or rather not going on...yet.

I have dreams like anyone else. The thing is, which way do I go? How should I get there? Can I do it all? Should I only chase one dream or run after them all? Maybe if I plan it right, one will lead to another.


“I want to be somebody”
This dances in my head. Though the idea is to see that I already am somebody. This, while true, sits with me in a way that says I’m finished. How about we go with something that says “I’m somebody, but continually growing”?

So here’s the jist: I recently graduated from Dixie State University with my B.S. in Psychology. Now, you can’t do too much with just that (at least not in any counseling-type way) so I need at least a master’s.

I found the program I want and it sounds amazing. However, I’m full of loans (don’t want more) and don’t have many options to pay for this degree I want. Issue#1

A different option I’ve been toying with is joining the military. Joining reserves in one of the branches has some perks. It would be a faster track towards helping people in the field of psychology that I’m interested in, I would join in as an officer to start, and I would get paid. The obvious downside is being away from home who knows how long and often, and the everlasting risk. There would be a lot of training and I don’t like being away from Daniel as it is. Issue#2

Then, there’s my photography. I’ve been bouncing around with the idea of going professional and starting my business for 4 years. However, starting up the type of business I’d like would require some startup money - - > and I’m in no mood for more loans!
I could do cheap, natural light, on location portraits for friends & family. This would help me start saving money and get the word out that I’m shooting. Maybe eventually I could start up a boudoir studio. However, if I’m being honest heart my favorite thing to shoot is nature and landscapes. Issue#3

I also have a desire to be a fitness trainer and health coach. Sigh.

As you can see, as far as where my life is headed career-wise...I’ve got some decisions to make and paths to choose.

Can I have it all? Possibly. Will I want it all? I won’t know for sure. Here’s what I do know...I need to sit down and deeply explore my options. Write down how it would all play out, bit by bit. Also, I most definitely need to talk to people! Get the perspectives of others.  This includes friends, family, colleagues, coworkers, strangers, people on the internet who read this blog {yes that means you}

I’m a research-type gal, so I want it all.

Until Next Time