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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Here's the deal, I'm taking an addiction class for psychology this semester and you start understanding that just about everybody has an addiction of some kind. Whether it's a substance or behavior most people are addicted to something. The severity of the addiction is where things can get intense. Now, why point out this obvious information?? Because I'm totally addicted to online shopping...probably shopping in general, but I'm usually too lazy to get in the car and drive down to the stores haha...also, our selection here isn't as great as I'd like..
SO what in this exact moment makes me point this out? I was online with a close family/friend and we were browsing lots of clothes and accessories online. I was pretty proud that I put things in "my cart" and then closed the damn window without buying. Good moment of self-discipline right there! Then I go lay down in bed (not tired at all because I was sleeping all damn day) and to try tiring my eyes I watched some youtube on my phone. I follow a ton of beauty gurus and such so I was exposed at that moment, when my brain was still excited about buying something, to a really sweet makeup palette from NYX....once I found out the price ($22) I had to check it out. SO I tell myself I'll look into it in the morning after I get at least a few hours of sleep so I don't screw up my sleeping schedule like crazy....but my brain was just set on the idea of buying it. 
I try sleeping for a bit and about 25min passes and I figured 'what the hell'. I got my laptop and settled back in bed to shop! OF COURSE they have free shipping at $50 so I had to spend that much.....I'm retarded, I swear. I didn't just pick random things, I actually have been trying to get new makeup brushes for a while here's my psychological self-justification for my actions. 
Anyway, have a great night/morning/'s like 6:17am here and I'm hopeless.