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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Work it!!

I've always been a fitness fan, but I've been bustin' some serious butt lately!! I'm sore often and I'm loving it!!  I feel great everywhere! I went to my first yoga class, as I told you..then I tried Zumba the day after, then I tried a different yoga class today. I also do my own strength training after these classes. To top off all that, I bodyrock!
I have a close friend to thank for pushing me these past two weeks and for helping me step outside my box. It's stepping outside my comfort zone that made all this happen. I just wish I would've stepped outside a bit sooner. Oh well, I guess sometimes you need someone to push you and that's exactly what she did and I am definitely grateful for that!!
I made a goal this week to do something everyday with the exception of Sunday to be my day off. So, whether it's an hour of yoga, twelve minutes of bodyrock, a class at the gym, running, or just doing some serious workout at the gym...I want to do it everyday. Now, this would've been crazy to me a few weeks ago. BUT for some reason I've felt so energized and had an actual desire to workout even after I've already worked out. For example, today I went to a yoga class at Gold's then a little arm workout and now here I am in the mood to bodyrock....I feel crazy.
They added a new guest host on bodyrock today and she's a mother of three, including a 10-month it just goes to show you there are NO EXCUSES!! You either do it or you don't.
I have a board on pinterest that I pin fitness inspiration to:
here's a few of my favorites (including the one above):

Source: via Glady on Pinterest

Source: via Glady on Pinterest