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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Juicing App

I've been using this app for a week or two now and thought I'd let you know what I thought. First, the app is called Juice Rx. It's free, but it has an expansion that is $0.99. I played with the free version a while then went ahead and bought the expansion. Without the expansion, my favorite feature is limited. But first! What is this app about? It's basically a recipe collection that you can filter through a few ways. There's a "health conditions" filter that will let you search for recipes based on what health condition they will help with. There's an "ingredients" filter that lets you type in an ingredient that you have so that you can find only recipes with that ingredient (my favorite feature). Then while searching through you can add recipes to your favorites so that you can find them in one place. Finally, you have a grocery list area that will generate a list for you based on a recipe you have flagged to go shopping for.
The free version (as far as I can remember) only lets you search by one ingredient, whereas the expansion lets you search up to three ingredients so that you can be a bit more specific about the recipes you want to find based on what you actually have. Also, you get more recipes with the expansion. I have noticed that some are repeats with different names. I thought that was weird.
Now, how do I use this app? I rarely actually use the recipes exactly. I'm more of a "make-stuff-up-as-I-go" type of juicer, but I use this app frequently for...inspiration of what to make or what to add to some ingredients I've already decided to put together. It basically is an idea generator for me. I've only followed the recipes in it twice. All the other times, I've just used it to give me ideas of what to put with what. Was it worth it? I think so. If you try it out, let me know what you think!