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Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 16th through 20th

Whoa! Where did the time go?! I have no idea how we got here so fast! I seriously feel like we just skipped several days. I didn't record what I ate, I didn't do my #30Lists it's been going by so fast! Geez...

16: Favorite things to eat this time of year

  • PIE! {all kinds}
  • Turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Clementines 
  • cocktails & wine {those are drinks, but who cares}
17: I wish I had done more             this year
  • push ups & pull ups
  • reading
  • portraits 
  • cleaning & organizing 
  • clean eating
  • working & saving money
  • crafting 
18: On my shopping list
  • tea kettle
  • pens
  • hair dye
  • wine
  • yarn
  • laptop
19: Projects I finished this year
  • License my business {Glady Anne Photography}
  • Zion National Park Calendars
  • crocheted beanies & hats
  • re-organized the extra room {storage/laundry/mud room}
  • Mom's wedding photos brought to life
20: With a day to myself, I would...
  • read
  • do nothing/ be lazy
  • clean
  • turn the music up
  • stop worrying about everyone else

The Exercise Countdown Calendar is still going at full blast!
16: V-ups

17: High knees

18: Leg lifts

19: Alternating sit ups

20: Push ups