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Monday, December 16, 2013

December 14, 15 & a bookclub

December 14 #30Lists prompt:

Stocking up on...

  • gift bags, boxes, and tissue paper {I'm not the best wrapper}
  • snacks {clif bars, nutrition/protein bars, fruit snacks...}
  • drinking water
  • socks
  • pens
  • crafting supplies
  • light bulbs
  • cleaning supplies
  • happy moments
  • first aide supplies
  • candles
  • blankets

December 15 #30Lists prompt

I like to avoid...
  • dishes
  • showering {everything else is more exciting}
  • cleaning up my crafting mess
  • laundry
  • talking on the phone
  • putting the Christmas tree away
  • saying goodbye

On December 14 we did chest press and on December 15 we did Turkish getups... Check out the calendar for yourself!

NOW, as for the bookclub bit of the title....yes I started a bookclub. Nothing too fancy or hardcore. In fact, it's called "The Busy Lazy Bookclub" for us people who like to read and may read a lot, but may not read  a lot ALL the we might not be able to keep up with a traditional bookclub. We will pick out only 4 books to read across the year, so that's 3 months for us to get money to buy the book {or go to the library} and then read it. I figure that's enough time for everyone and I decided to give it a try. The bookclub is over on Goodreads and is also private, so if you're interested in joining, I'll have to approve is all. Don't be scared off now. 

        The Busy Lazy Bookclub    
    The Busy Lazy Bookclub     5 members
    This is a bookclub for people who like to read, but can't always find the time. Here we read 4 bo...

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