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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You might or might not have heard of the SMASH journals from K&Company. Well they are truly fun, awesome and inspiring! I had mine for almost two days and just couldn't think of where to start, but I was so excited about it. Then while looking for my "button" photo for February photo-a-day, I came up with a super fun idea that is definitely "ME". After all, this is a "journal" right?? Sure some of you out there with these smash books are giving them themes and purposes. BUT for me I just want to keep with the journal theme haha I want no pressure and all the fun! I have themes up the wazoo planned for my scrapbooks and I have so much fun with that. THESE will be used for just bits & pieces of my life as it happens

a journal

Well, I have a million awesome ideas and I can't wait to get started and then show the world!! Unfortunately, life is like you know happening and I need to tend to school....ehh. I will smash tomorrow! (that sounds like it's a drug.....oops).
OH and if you're following my photo adventures like the FEB photo a day on my photography blog then I'll have you know I totally took my "button" photo, but I won't be posting until the UNTIL THEN!!