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Monday, February 6, 2012

just 'cause

Today was busy, but laid back..make any sense? haha
First class @8am then studied, dropped Daniel off @Gold's then took an exam (first of the semester!), picked up some goodies from Michael's then Daniel was finished at the gym. Went to the mall and walked around, where Daniel decided I should get some fun smelly good stuff from Bath & Body works (!!!) After my nose couldn't smell a skunk from a rose we went across the street to get some yummy in our tummy, which equals Benja's!
I, of course, have some photos of the food and such at the table haha
Table FlowerDrinksPotstickersFebruary 6thMango Sticky Rice
It was pretty awesome, if you want to see what I did with some of the Michael's stuff check this post!