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Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Hair Cut!!

Yup, I've been talking about it for weeks and finally a friend and I scheduled an appointment and did it!
Here I am before the cut in case you weren't familiar with what I look like:
before hair cut
Now I present you the hair cut!
New Hair!New Hair cutnew hair cutFebruary 10th
OH and I was only planning on the cut, but when I went to pay it was like half off because little did I know it was "customer appreciation day" WOoHOo!! Makes you want to do more, huh?? well, since I was going to be there a while anyway because my friend was dying back to her natural, I figured what the hell....
here is the "color" I's subtle. The color, as I like to call it, is "cherry coke" and I only got some here and the result. I had no idea what I sounded like when trying to tell this lady what I wanted, but she read my mind, LOVED HER! 
The color