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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Ipad

The Apple Ipad.
Okay, first off let me say that I personally am not an Apple fan. Yes, I like my Ipod. I call it the Ipood. Simply because it has 160G of memory and works quite nicely in the car, where it stays....forever.
Now, there's this giant Iphone, or I mean Ipad. I am a keyboard lover and don't see much purpose in tablets unless they are notebooks that turn into tablets. Ehh....SO Daniel and I were at Best Buy to look at a few things and pick up a mouse because the wire in one of ours finally killed over. While there we glanced over at the Ipads....guy comes up(50th guy) and instead of asking how we are doing, makes a statement saying, "You admiring the new Ipad?" umm no, I'm not. So, I tell him that. He says, "Why not? They're great!" So, Daniel says I like a keyboard. Then I say I'd like to play flash and multitask.....he looks down at the Ipad and says it does multitasking and attempts to show me, avoiding the whole flash thing. He opens up the browser and show that I can have multiple windows. I laugh a little and tell him, that's not quite multitasking. He asks why not and I say try multiple apps. So, he opens an app and tries to minimize it and then had this great confused/surprised look on his face as it just disappeared. Then he says, "Well, I don't know why it just closed on me," I tell him, "because it doesn't do multitasking." He then replied with this sad face like I broke his heart, "Guess you won this one."
hehe....I laughed and he walked away. The remaining time we were in the store every time he looked at me it was like I was his ex-girlfriend.