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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Ol' Friends

Sometimes a friend is someone you look hard for and don't realize that you've had one or a few the whole time, watching you search for friends and happiness. I realized a few days ago that you can't "find" friends. I've "known" this for a long time, but it's one of those things that you may know to be true without having to experience something to prove it right. The "experience" part, I guess, is what I realized the other day. The good friends find you and stick around even if you're not there or forget to text/call or make time to hang out. It's not like I'm soul-searching or anything. I fell into happiness a long time ago and I feel that I still have a long way to fall => The thing that has been bugging me is that ever since my own life?? Moved on up?? I have missed being able to have someone just come over, go to a friend's house down the street and just say anything and everything because you can and they're there. Being able to look forward to work because you have a story to tell or you want the update on the story your friend left you with last time you seen each other.
One way or the other, in 12hrs I had two good ol' friend moments. Two different friends that were just there, or that I was there for. It's just funny to think that all this time of not speaking or seeing these two people, they are just there and I was there for them. Like the giant gaps we go through all the time every year without much contact didn't even exist in the first place. Like when speaking or hanging out each time is almost seamless from the last time. It's just an eye opener.
Neither of the two good ol' friends read this blog, but I want to thank them, for being them. =>