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Friday, April 2, 2010


So, today and the past few days have been quite interesting.....well not really all that much to anyone else other than myself =>
Well, on Tuesday I got ready for work, went in and David was waiting for me to tell me that I was laid off. Not all that surprising or anything. It's a business that works off a numbers game and if you don't bring the numbers they're looking for, well then bye-bye.....It actually works out nicely for me because I didn't need to work in the first place, it was just an object to help me feel better about myself and it did it's job. Also, I have all this crazy school stuff sneaking up on me that was getting quite annoying with work in the way. PLUS, I get to sleep with Daniel again. => That's a biggie for me, I was missing out on all this time with him.
Other than the job thing, I'm cramming down to finish these photography assignments for school in between biology labs, exams and all the reading for the other classes. It's all working out.  I'm excited for a few of the assignments and there's a few that are becoming an annoyance....It will all be good for me, one way or another.
Speaking of photo related things....I have this opportunity to take some photos for an opening event that Lucky Cat Tattoo is having on May 8th. There will be music and pin-ups, and much, much more!! I'm excited and nervous that I won't be able to capture what they're looking for. It will be quite the interesting experience, though =>
I also did my photo assignment for the Male portrait....I'll post photos for that soon => Over the weekend I'll catch up on the posting of all the project 365 stuff and other little photo bits. It's been a little busy this week => was fun to see all the fun April Fool's Day jokes going on on the internet. Also, my brother came down and hung out with Daniel and I and got more than he asked for....hehe
First, we showed him some weird and quite disturbing videos.....then there was the incident with the fridge leaking water from our 3gal. water spout thing. Made for a nice little pool in the kitchen and a demanding cleaning of the fridge =>
After that we all got deep into our games and then.....BOOM!! Power goes out.....Why?? no flippin' was perfect, clouds were far in the distance and above us was bright, clear, blue skies.....whatever, right?? SO..we went and decided to go play some basketball until it came back. We had a lot of fun doing that. Quite unexpected, doubt Jaymes, let alone Daniel and I expected doing that today =>
Daniel and I are only used to playing ball with each other, so having a third person there was great and made for some interesting fun =>
Also, hope you all like the music I added!! It's at the bottom so if you wanted to scan through some of the songs, go for it..enjoy yourselves.... =>