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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Vex & Azura
We'll start off with the little furries! Here's an updated list of what I know:

  • Vex LOVES the wheel & eating lettuce
  • They prefer the newer ferret hammock bed over their plastic igloo
  • They turned the bottom bedding of said hammock into a roof
  • They do not care for the wooden chew logs, need to find another option
  • Azura scared us and got really sick, we thought she wasn't going to make it
  • Azura is still sick, but we took her to the vet 
  • Azura hates medicine {who doesn't?}
  • Azura finally showed the slightest improvement today
  • Vex is a maniac who always want to get out of the cage
  • They are both little hoodrats, by that I mean they love to chill in my hoodie as I walk around
  • Neither are completely fond of being picked up
  • They like cran/raz juice
Next on the update list is my fitness adventures! I've been maintaining a nice level of activity. Some things thrown back into the mix: Stadiums, Running, & Jump Rope!
Jump rope is absolute killer, so I definitely need to work on it more! Running is going pretty well, getting back into the groove. Stadiums. Enough said. To give you an idea of what a set of stadiums means, I made this absolutely beautiful example on an image from google ;)
To explain: start with a walk around the track. Then go up the large seating steps, not the little baby ones, you want to be lunging! Lunge up fast and controlled to the top, cross over to the baby stairs and go down. Go up again on big steps, then down, then up once more, then down, you end up on the other side of the stadiums. Then once around the track. These are killer. Sometimes we can only manage one set, other times we can go for several. There were days I felt like passing out and days I was so pumped I ran around the track a few times instead of walked... this is a core, lower body, cardio workout. 

Continuing the fitness update...I am always pumped to be on my community page called Whole Body on G+
Why G+ instead of Facebook? Because I like the organization & layout of the G+ page waaaay better than Facebook's groups. Originally, the group was designed for me and some select family members. However, to increase the energy and motivation of the group, we decided to open it up a little more. Hoping we get some positive energy and participation flowing through there. I often will post workouts I want everyone to try, but that doesn't mean you have to stop what you're doing and do them. If you're involved in another workout routine, we still would love to have you! Keep us updated on your progress in the "report in" section and share what workouts you're doing/programs/your diet and so on. It helps us all out to share. Gives good inspiration. 

It's a place to motivate and be motivated, we want to basically create a super fun support group for our whole body health & wellness journeys 

Last thing I want to share on the topic of fitness updates would be my continued desire to become a certified fitness trainer. I've wanted this for a long time, still do. If you keep coming back to something, you might as well get it, right? Well I'm doing my research to find which program would be the best for me based on accreditation, cost, coursework, and lesson plans. 
If ANYONE has any tips & advice on the topic, please comment!

I was tossing the decision back and forth, the decision to apply for the full time position at the place I currently work at. Well, I applied for it and have my interview on Tuesday, January 28th at 10am. Send me your best luck! I'm actually worried I'll get it and worried I won't. I'm still hugging the fence, even if I've chosen a side. 

WELL THERE YOU HAVE IT!! Those are my updates that I wanted to share with you all! Now, for my featured blog/shop person of the moment, check out Emma Elizabeth {blog}! 
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