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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Food Journaling

I like to keep a food journal, so I thought I'd share my take on keeping one.

Why I Do It:

  • More conscious about what I eat because I have to record it
  • Encourages me to eat healthier. I feel more proud of recording the good vs. the not-so-good stuff
  • Helps me notice my eating habits: when I eat the least/most, when I crave junk, what I tend to do while eating (triggers).
  • Good way to keep track of recipes (juices, smoothies, etc...)
Methods of Recording:
  • Apps for your phone/kindle/ipad...
  • Physical notebook (specially made for this purpose or plain notebook)
  • digital notebook/notepads on phones and computers
  • blogs
  • google drive
  • take photos with notes/captions
  • get creative and make it fun so it's not a bore to record
What I Record:
  • Date/Time
  • What I Ate:
    • recipe (oz for juices also)
    • more focused on eating clean and feel the rest falls into place
  • What I'm doing while eating
  • Experiences with things like mindful eating or juice fasting...
I encourage recording for 1-2 weeks straight if you can to better understand your eating. Though, don't beat yourself up if you miss a day or what have you. Also, don't lie about it. Your journal doesn't care either way and you're only cheating yourself -_-

About Food Journaling: WebMD & RealSimple

The NBA's Take on food journaling here

Mindful Eating: MindBodyGreen, Psychology Today, Zen Habits, Berkeley

Made that in photoshop with one of my fav poems about food journaling. 

Now here's a video of me blabbing about this topic for almost 10 minutes. 

Until Next Time