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Saturday, July 6, 2013

July I Choose

Okay, time for a chat. If anyone pays attention you'll know I haven't been keeping up with project 365 or my "I choose" project either. You know what? This kind of this beats me up. The falling behind kind of thing. That's because I always have this feeling that when I fall behind that I have to makeup for everything I've missed in order to get back on track. Where in reality, that just puts me more behind, it also keeps me from having any desire to catch up or get back on track. I'll have a desire to do it, then think of all I have to do to start again. This kind of thinking holds me back in a lot of different areas of life. However, I'm choosing to change that. THIS MONTH. Let's break down the goals:

1. Help someone. Self explanatory, who doesn't like giving a helping hand? I'm certain in this month that an opportunity will arise.

2. Revive my 365. This comes back to my issue I explained. I'm going to just pick up right now and not worry about what I've missed or didn't edit or forgot....I'm going to just start back with it NOW

3. Learn to let go. This is about my problem. I'm going to let go of having to catch up or of having to do something, or of keeping order. No one's life is done in order, why should I try to keep order when life isn't in order? This decision already feels good.

4. Tackle the Hot List. You can check that out here. I have so far done 2 things from that bucket. Let's knock some more out and have a fun summer, shall we? Good plan. 

5. Beat Procrastination. I believe this ties into my letting go issue. But I'm going to really dig into things and figure out how to get shit done. Like not tomorrow or later, but like today & now. 

6. Be a soldier of steel. I found myself this workout program from the military....let's just say I'm already dead and my nephew decided he'll need to build me a gravestone on our Minecraft server -_- 
but yea, he's probably right. 

I'm ready and in full blown excitement for this month. BRING IT ON!!